Pin Collecting…

As everyone well knows, I have a few hobbies that I enjoy…mostly quilting, but I’m not the only one in our family with a hobby.

  Big D (yup, still trying to find a nickname for Daddy) has one too – he collects and trades Disney Trading Pins.

DP 1

These pins are not for trading.

DP 5

Other pins will be traded for pins that will complete these collections.

DP 3

DP 4

The kids collection.

He has well over 100 interesting Disney pins at this point and his collection keeps growing.

DP 15

Tick – Tock’s mouth closes.DP 8

His collection started a couple trips back with two pins that caught his eye – Tick Tock Crock eating Captain Hook and Mickey with a Lightsaber.

Some pins he buys online, some he buys or trades for at Disney and some have been gifts from friends.

DP 7

This Hoop-Dee-Doo pin was a gift from friends on their Disney trip!

We love it!

DP 18 DP 17 DP 16

These three were gifts for the kids from another friend of ours.

We have very thoughtful friends!

DP 13 DP 12

The children and I bought these for Big D’s birthday this year.

DP 10

He and the kids bought me this one on our last trip…

DP 6

…and we bought him this pin album to keep his collection in.  At this rate we may have to buy him another one on his next trip but that’s ok, I enjoy contributing to his Disney pin obsession.

DP 11  DP 9

Some of the pins are really cool, some are really pretty and some are pretty funny!  I can see the appeal they have to him.  I’ve been tempted to collect them myself but I’m pretty busy with my own hobbies so I’ll leave the pins to Big D.

He and the kids also like to trade pins with the Cast Members when we’re at Disney.  The Little Professor is especially talented in this area and can spot a good trade from far away!  I like the social interaction it provides for the kids.  It gives them the chance to approach a safe stranger and begin a conversation with them where they can develop basic social skills, like looking the person in the eyes and speaking clearly – not always easy with people we don’t know.  It helps builds confidence.

 I can just hear my friends and family pointing out my need to turn everything into a learning experience.

Since they are “Disney” trading pins, all the pins have our favourite Disney characters, show a Disney place or Disney item on them which makes it even more exciting.  The kids love to point out what or who each pin represents.  Out of all the pins we have we’ve only been stumped once…

DP 14

If you know who this is, please let me know!!!  We just can’t figure it out.  I vaguely recognize the character but I can’t place him.

Happy Pinning!

Daddy Says… Paragon of Efficiency

One of the most amazing things about Disney World is the incredibly efficient way it has all been set up.  The entire place runs like a well oiled machine.  There are multiple methods of transportation connecting the various parks to each of the differently themed resorts.

At the Wilderness campground where we stayed, there was a central area where you could catch a bus to any of the theme parks, the water parks and Downtown Disney – the extensive area filled with shopping, restaurants and entertainment – including their own Cirque Du Soleil show. In addition to the bus system, there were boats that you could take to Magic Kingdom or the Contemporary resort, both of which are of course connected to the Monorail System!


And once you get where you’re going, everything you need is right there waiting for you, and typically a friendly helpful cast member nearby to point you in the right direction or offer any other assistance you might need.

Disney is great at making money, of course they do provide great services, quality products and an incredible experience – but it is a business. We even noticed that they were pumping blasts of Air Conditioning from out of the open doors of the shops and into the hot streets along Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. It was so refreshing to just stop for a moment in the cool air, and take a look for where it was coming from – and why not stop into the nice cool shop and have a look around?

The Government could learn a few things from the way Disney runs, from the vast, well maintained infrastructure, interconnected transportation systems and knowledgeable, dedicated staff to their ability to maximize their economic potential – Disney really is a well run organization!

Obama? Romney?  Forget them both – I say Mickey for President!!

Daddy Says… The Countdown

We’re all getting pretty excited, our Disney trip is only a month away!  We’ve been spending some time over the weekend planning our itinerary, making any additional dinner reservations and talking about what shows we want to see and what rides we want to go on.  It really does get us all psyched up to go!  It’s a lot of fun talking about our favorite rides and restaurants and brings back a lot of memories of our last trip.

This time, we’ll be driving our own camper down and staying in the Fort Wilderness Campground.  I have to say I really enjoy the Disney campground.  It’s such a relaxing place to return to after a hectic day of rides, characters, parades and other theme park fun.  By comparison, the campgrounds are very laid back, easy paced and relaxing.  They have a great pool, outdoor hot tub, and free movies every night on a big outdoor screen with a campfire. One of the best things about the campground however, is that at the end of the day, we’re staying in our own personal space, and not some hotel room that thousands of other people have slept in.


We all loved our last trip to Disney, and the closer we get to this one, the more excited we all are!