Daddy Says… Paragon of Efficiency

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One of the most amazing things about Disney World is the incredibly efficient way it has all been set up.  The entire place runs like a well oiled machine.  There are multiple methods of transportation connecting the various parks to each of the differently themed resorts.

At the Wilderness campground where we stayed, there was a central area where you could catch a bus to any of the theme parks, the water parks and Downtown Disney – the extensive area filled with shopping, restaurants and entertainment – including their own Cirque Du Soleil show. In addition to the bus system, there were boats that you could take to Magic Kingdom or the Contemporary resort, both of which are of course connected to the Monorail System!


And once you get where you’re going, everything you need is right there waiting for you, and typically a friendly helpful cast member nearby to point you in the right direction or offer any other assistance you might need.

Disney is great at making money, of course they do provide great services, quality products and an incredible experience – but it is a business. We even noticed that they were pumping blasts of Air Conditioning from out of the open doors of the shops and into the hot streets along Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. It was so refreshing to just stop for a moment in the cool air, and take a look for where it was coming from – and why not stop into the nice cool shop and have a look around?

The Government could learn a few things from the way Disney runs, from the vast, well maintained infrastructure, interconnected transportation systems and knowledgeable, dedicated staff to their ability to maximize their economic potential – Disney really is a well run organization!

Obama? Romney?  Forget them both – I say Mickey for President!!

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