September 11th at Disney

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Today I woke up feeling torn since it’s 9/11 and we’re at Disney.

Personally, it just didn’t feel right being in the happiest place on earth when so many people are still mourning the day.

Like everyone else, I remember the details of that day clearly.

So even though we were at a Disney Park, my thoughts were on the events that took place 11 years ago.

I watched as my children laughed and enjoyed themselves and it lightened my heart to see their innocence.

It also got me thinking that maybe by being at Disney, we were doing the exact opposite of the goals of those who committed such horrific acts a little over a decade ago.  Instead of living our life in fear, which was obviously their goal, we were enjoying our day as a family.  We were in a place that is the epitome of the United States of America, we were happy, we knew we were safe and no one could rob us of our security.

We ended up having a good time at Animal Kingdom.  The Little Professor rode Mt. Everest for the first time and loved it.

The Milk Monkey has not been feeling well for the last couple days.  He broke out in hives a little while back and they have blistered and scabbed over.  We have gotten a lot of dirty looks and comments about him having so many “bug bites” and getting over “chicken pox”.  We’ve patiently explained to those that they are hives and not contagious.  In the meantime he’s also come down with a bit of a cold.  We go from cold air conditioning to super hot and humid heat continuously through out the day..  It’s not helping the little guy.

Tonight he threw up all over me.  I was so thankful that we have a bathroom in our trailer…one that has a nice sized shower.  I can’t imagine having to deal with all that in a tent or a trailer without a bathroom.

We are certainly blessed!

Earlier, this evening, we went for a swim.  The Milk Monkey enoyed the cool water but evenutally it got to be a little too cold for him and he started to shiver.  We wrapped him in a towel.  I just happened to look up and notice the Princess’ life jacket by the side of the pool and not on her.  I jumped up and started to frantically search for her just in time to see her coming down the slide and out into the current.  She can swim but she’s not strong enough to do it alone.  Panicked, I started to hand the baby off to a stranger next to me just as the life guard caught my eye and saw the alarm in my face.  She spotted the Princess immediately and jumped in and saved my sweet little girl.

Thank you, thank you, thank you whoever you are!!!  I can’t express my appreciation to you.  Especially since it was the last 10 minutes of your  shift and you were still so alert!!  I will definitely be calling tomorrow and letting management know you are amazing at what you do!

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