Irma, Interrupted

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We ended August with the start of our Disney vacation.  I guess it’s more of a stay-cation these days.  Either way, we took the trailer over to Fort Wilderness for what was supposed to be a couple weeks, but ended up being a bit shorter.  The vacation started off great, we pulled into our favourite loop and had the best spot right next to the path to the pool.  We could see the outdoor movie screen from the kid’s bunkhouse window!

That’s our trailer peeking through the trees, and to the left of the path is the movie screen, that’s how close we were!

Jack really enjoys the dog park at Fort Wilderness and gets to go multiple times a day to chase down his ball.  He loves, loves, loves dog parks.  If you say dog park around him, you better be ready to take him one because he will be all over you until you do! So as we were hooking up the trailer to head over, I let him know we would be going to the dog park as soon as we were set up, and he found his ball to be ready.

We spent time in the pool, went on a few rides, met a few characters the first two days we were there. Fort Wilderness always feels like home to us.  The kids really enjoy the pool activities and we like to drive the golf cart around and check out the trading posts. There’s just so many activities to do there.  On this visit we spent a lot of time at the stables checking out the ponies and horses.  They’re so beautiful and sweet and you can see how loved and well cared for they are.  We’ve never spent much time over there before but now I think it’s something we’ll make time for whenever we go.

Nana Lyndi and Tim flew in to spend some Disney vacation time with us too.  We were able to get to Hollywood Studios and Epcot, before we had to pack up and evacuate.  It was sad to leave our vacation after looking forward to it for so long.  It was harder for the kids and Tim to understand the gravity of the situation, especially since the weather was so beautiful.  Irma wasn’t expected until the weekend, but we wanted to make sure we got out before the heavy traffic and while there was still gas.  We were alright on gas, but our 4 hour drive turned into a 10 and half hour one because of all the traffic.

We headed towards Tallahassee at first, but when Irma’s path shifted we made our way to Chattanooga, Tennessee and stayed at Raccoon Mountain RV Park, which turned out to be delightful!  The campground was surrounded by the Smokey Mountains, and the facilities were very clean.  The employees were so helpful and organized, even with the campground completely packed to its limit.  The first night we arrived we had to boon dock, but the rest of our stay we had a site with full hook-ups.  The weather was much cooler and we had to buy the kids some pants and warm tops.  We made the best of our time and enjoyed our stay, we even made a campfire, but we were so happy to head back home when it was over, and even happier to hear that our friends and family in Florida were all ok.


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