Inch by Inch by Inch…..

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Lately…every day my little Princess asks me to measure her.  It’s not just once either.  She gets me to do it a couple times throughout the day.

She is desperate to grow another inch and a half!

It’s all about the Disney rides these days and their height restrictions.

The little Princess is measuring 42.5 inches, which is great because most of the “good” rides have a height restriction of 40 inches.

This is where we high five each other!

So, in that respect things are going pretty good for her, but then there’s the really cool rides like Space Mountain and Expedition Everest.  For those she needs to be 44 inches – another inch and a half!

We”ve tried stretching her, eating  self proclaimed, growth inducing foods like carrots and hummus and trying on various items that might help with the height issue.

We have discovered that when she wears her running shoes and a baseball cap she gains almost a whole inch.

This is exciting!  This means she has only another half inch to go!

With the countdown at 2 weeks it doesn’t give her much time to get there.


The Little Professor is riding high with his height of 48 inches!

Not only can he get on the “good” rides and the “really cool” rides but he can also ride the “super awesome” rides like the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.  However because he is at 48 inches exact he can also go in all the kiddie sections at the water park.

He has the best of both worlds on this trip!

Their excitement is infectious and I’m in awe that my tiny, little children want to go on such big thrill rides.

I have to admit I’m a little more hesitant about letting them but I’m also super excited have new little ride partners.

They’re growing up so fast I can hardly keep up!

One thought on “Inch by Inch by Inch…..

  1. Poor Princess….growing an inch and a half in two weeks is probably not going to happen, but you could try some of the things we used to get Jake on the Go-Karts at Starland a couple of years ago when he was a couple of inches short of the line: He wore his “Heeleys”, and the wheels added an inch; then we put spongy foam things inside his Heeleys, which added another 1/2 inch; then we spiked his Mohawk hairdo up as high as we could get it, and that made the difference! It worked, and he got to go on the Go-Karts! But somehow I don’t think she will want to cut her hair and sport a Mohawk – LOL

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