Home Again…

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Sadly, we arrived home yesterday morning.  The atmosphere in the truck was as cloudy and damp as the weather outside.

With every wonderful adventure comes an equally, adverse reaction to going home.

We are all waiting with anticipation for the day when home is where ever we have the trailer set up and we are all together.

summer 18

Last Friday morning, I sat down with my coffee and turned on my computer, only to be greeted with a dark, blank screen, but today I finally have my lifeline to the world back up and running!  I have a lot to catch up on!

Here’s a quick recap of our past week…

The Sunday before last, we left Wompatuck and made our way south to Shady Acres in Carver.  I was really happy to have my own shower back and our full 30 Amps!  The kids were excited about the playground, pool and their friends they hadn’t seen since Mother’s Day weekend.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of swimming to be had since it was so cold and rainy most days.  Even on the sunny days the pool was frigid, and body numbing but they didn’t let that stop them.

Summer Summer 4

summer 2 Summer 3

The Little Monkey broke out in hives again, something that hasn’t happened since last fall but we think we’ve figured it out!  It seems to be related to Mosquitoes.  He had one bite him on the cheek and soon after his whole face was covered in hives.  He must be really sensitive to them.  It was sad to see his little face looking like that again, but at least we have an idea now as to what causes it.

summer 14 summer 17

One of the events at the campground was a chili cook off!  I spent Friday evening cooking up a chili to submit and ended up coming in third place.  The kids had so much fun trying all the different types and took their votes seriously (the Professor didn’t even vote for me!).

It was all great fun!  The Professor really enjoyed the corn too!  As did Jack when the Monkey passed his on…

summer 15

He chewed on that cob all evening and even went back to it the next morning.  He’s really enjoying being a camping dog…though he still has some things he needs to work out.

Summer 10

It didn’t take him long to realize that wasn’t the best place to hang out in.

Sunday was Father’s Day and we wanted to make it really special for Daddy.  He does so much for all of us, he deserved to have a nice day!

We managed to buy him a Kindle Fire without him even knowing.  It’s nice to be able to surprise him…it doesn’t happen very often.

summer 16

Even though he still gives me butterflies in my stomach….

summer 13

this is why I really love him!

He is an amazing father to our children.

He has endless patience and is kind and loving!  He’s always willing to play with them and really enjoys spending time with them.

I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful Daddy for our little ones!

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