Filming Takes Practice

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We finally bought a video camera this week.  My mother-in-law has been the one capturing all our moments on video over the years (thank you, Nana J, for all the dvds you’ve filled with wonderful memories!), but now that we live in different states, we’ve gone without for too long.  We’ve taken a lot of photos but it’s just not the same for capturing vibrant personalities.

We ordered the camera online and when it arrived we were confused, because the camera can fit in the palm of a hand, but the box it was delivered in was big enough to hold a small child.  I know because the first thing Josiah did when the box was empty, was climb in.

The first thing we recorded was Josiah reading.  He really wanted to see what he looked like when he read.  I guess when you’re six years old, reading is kind of a cool thing.  Between Elijah slurping on a drink, and Jack whining to go outside, our film taking needs work. I looked around and found an editing software called Filmora, so I practiced using our seriously flawed video.   It’s actually a lot of fun!

So…here’s the video.

I think I have the very basics down at least, there’s so much more to learn, but the biggest thing is to remember to bring the camera with us when we go places.  I keep forgetting we have it!




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