Chubby, Little Ball of Terror…

A little over a year ago the Milk Monkey entered our lives.  He was a sweet, laid back baby.  We weren’t sure how we’d handle having a third child, but were pleasantly surprised at how easy he was.  There was barely a ripple in our daily schedule.  He was the missing piece to our family puzzle.

Now our little sweetheart is more like a chubby, little ball of terror.  He’s trouble with a capital T!

Forget the terrible twos, right now we just need to make it through the wild ones!  It’s not that he climbs everything he comes in contact with, or that he amuses himself by trying to bite everyone and it’s not even that he still spends the majority of his day doing his ear piercing screeches, it’s that he does all of that constantly and more.  He bites, he pinches, he tries to poke our eyes out, he pulls hair and he smacks…and when he’s done all that, he does it all again while giggling his deep belly laugh.  It’s all fun and games while trying to poke someone’s eye out.

Today he escaped, his play area, made a run for the stairs, climbed them and crawled to his siblings room just slightly out of my reach the whole time.  For his safety I sat him in his highchair.  He screeched, he threw his puffs at me, he stuck his finger down his throat repeatedly making himself gag and finally he started rocking his chair back and forth until it wasn’t safe and I had to take him out.

I eventually sat in the play area with him and let him climb on the couch hoping that if he was allowed, he’d get bored and move on.  He did get bored – but not before pulling a chunk of my hair out first – and tried to swan dive off the couch head first. Thankfully, I was right there and grabbed his leg just before his head made contact with the floor.  That elicited shrieks of joy from my little cherub.


Daddy arrived home and made the decision to cut back on the little Milk Monkey’s play area.  The new area doesn’t have furniture to climb on, and there’s no way to open it and sneak out.  The decision was made for the baby’s safety as much as for Mummy’s sanity.  It didn’t take long for our little one to realize he could push the gate towards me, his little leg muscles bulging in the process but Daddy put a stop to that by tying the gate in place.  There’s no escaping now, thank you very much!

I love my little guy, whether he’s quiet and agreeable, or he’s a chubby, little ball of terror!  He’s still the perfect addition to our family. However, when I look back on my little Milk Monkey’s photos of the past year, I can’t help but wonder…

What happened to our sweet, little laid back guy?

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