Bath Towels for the Shower…

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My little Princess experienced her first Shower this weekend.  I was getting myself ready when it dawned on me that she might enjoy going, so I called her over quietly and asked her.  She looked at me for a moment with an odd look on her face, then politely declined.  Going to the park was definitely more fun then having a shower!

We talked a little about what a Bridal Shower was, something I would never have thought to explain.  When we got to the “no boys allowed” part she was more than excited to go.  She carefully chose her own dress and planned how she wanted me to style her hair.  She even grabbed her little purse so she could be just like Mummy.  It was like going to a ball, or at least it was until she found out that our gift to the beautiful bride-to-be was a set of towels and a wash cloth –I’m seriously considering getting some for myself.  She was appalled and even a bit embarrassed!  The Mighty Princess insisted we buy something else instead, something better and prettier – an American Girl doll maybe?  I told her about the registry and how her soon-to-be Auntie had asked for the towels, so it was a gift that she would enjoy.  With a little hesitation she gave her consent but only after seeing the beautiful gift bag.

We had a wonderful time!  The Princess was a little social butterfly.  She enjoyed the punch and all the other child friendly beverages along with the various foods.  She was so fond of the desserts that she insisted I take a picture of them.


All the fun and excitement wore her out and she fell asleep on the way home while playing on her leap pad.  The next day, while talking to my father in law, I found out she had gone up to the bride-to-be after the gifts were opened and asked her if she really did like the towels only to find out they really were appreciated.  Then my Princess asked if she liked the gift bag also and again, that was met with praise.  To which the Princess replied, “Well then you should keep it!”

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