You’re Not You When You’re Tired…

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Have you ever seen those Snickers commercials – the one where hungry people are grumpy and not themselves and are portrayed by various celebrities like Betty White or Joe Pesci?  Their attitude gets adjusted upon eating a Snickers and thus become themselves again.

Well, that’s life with the Little Professor, only instead of hunger it’s fatigue and instead of a Snickers it’s a nap.  When he gets really tired his whole personality changes and it’s not for the better – it’s definitely not Betty White!  He becomes very angry and emotional and every little thing becomes a “my life is ruined” issue and that’s how he was yesterday when he was trying to ride his bike.  Daddy was trying to help him and he was just not having it, especially since his sister was biking around effortlessly.  The thing is, he can ride his bike -he’s very new at it – but he can do it, he was just too grumpy to try.

bikes 4

After a couple threats of going inside and getting ready for bed the Little Professor adjusted his attitude enough to have a little fun.

bikes 2

The two of them rode up and down the streets enjoying their new found freedom…

bikes 5

and the high of controlling their own set of wheels.

bikes 3

The little Monkey tried to keep up with his big brother and sister but it wasn’t so easy on Mummy’s old tricycle – yes, I actually rode that tricycle through the streets of Quebec.  Well, maybe not the actual streets more like on the drive ways and side walks. Now the little Monkey is inching down the streets of Massachusetts with it 30(mumble mumble) years later!


Eventually the little guy realized he’d get a lot farther, a lot faster on foot, so he ran and ran and ran.

By the time we went inside everyone was exhausted and ready for bed.  This morning when the kids woke up they wanted to go out and ride again!

I’m so thrilled to see my little ones finally enjoying their bikes!

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