Time for a Montage…

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If I were to write a post about what we’ve been up to in the past couple weeks, it would take hours for you to read, so instead I’ve put together a montage!

Who doesn’t love a montage?

Of course, a montage isn’t a true montage without music so I encourage you to hum your favourite song while you view the pictures.

mont 17

Tree decorating,

mont 15

and Christmas parties,

mont 14

with crafts,

mont 13

lots of crafts.

mont 16

Hair dyes…but only temporary.

mont 7

Sleepy puppies,

mont 12

and babies and puppies.

mont 8

First black eye (the Princess),

mont 9

first time wearing underwear,

mont 4

and first hair cut.

mont 5

So handsome!

mont 11

More sleepy puppies.

mont 10

Discovering and disappearing into the world of Lego!

mont 1

The stomach bug making it’s way through the family.

mont 2

Comfort that only a sleepy puppy can provide.

mont 3

Unadulterated cuteness!

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