Sox and Sims…

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The other night Daddy and the Little Professor were invited to a Red Sox game.

sims 5

This was the Professor’s first time going to a professional game and he thought it was pretty cool.  After the game he and his cousin had a sleepover at Nana J’s.  On their way home he called to tell me how much fun his evening was and to let me know he had saved a portion of his cotton candy for his little sister so she could try it too.

Meanwhile at home, the younger two were having a fun night of their own.  First, there was ice cream to be had.

sims 3

Also Daddy had taken the Princess to the local Redbox to choose a movie, Escape from Planet Earth, for the evening and she and the Monkey really enjoyed it.

Daddy and the kids weren’t the only ones having fun, earlier that day they went out and bought me a surprise…flowers and the newest Sims expansion pack!

sims sims 2

The Sims is a game that came out in February 2000.  Since then they have released 2 new versions along with many, many expansions packs and 13 years later I am guilty to owning and playing all of them.

More importantly, I have the Sims to thank for my family, so when my family gives me a new game, it’s kind of ironic, since the game gave me all of them!

In late 2002, I signed on to Beta test The Sims Online.  Having enjoyed the stand alone game so much, the idea of playing the Sims with thousands of people online was amazing.  A year later, still playing the Sims Online I met Daddy in the game.  We chatted for a year and eventually met in person and the rest was history!

Interestingly, I also met my best friend in the same game 11 years ago and we have talked (a LOT!!) just about every day since!

On a totally unrelated note…this is what happens when I let Daddy and the Monkey go to Target by themselves!

sims 6

They come home with yet another super hero t-shirt – cape included!

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