Maine -ly Just Relaxing….

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We are on vacation in Maine!  We were suppose to leave yesterday morning to start our vacation but decided very last minute to head out Thursday night instead.  Since we had to go straight through Boston, Daddy decided it would probably be easier to do it in the evening rather than during morning rush hour.

I was really happy about that decision.  I spent the whole city portion of drive white knuckled while praying to God to get us through.  Meanwhile Daddy and the kids, were fully confident and reassuring me that it would be ok.

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Driving through the city of Boston is one thing, but driving through with a 35′ trailer behind you is a whole other experience – one I’m still getting use to, even after all the trips we’ve been on.  It’s especially stressful when the kids are all yelling because the puppy got loose and attacking everyone!

This morning was our first morning waking up in Maine and it was beautiful out.  We sat outside relaxing and watching the kids have fun.

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Breakfast was basically what ever someone wanted and coffee, and it ranged from Smartfood popcorn courtesy of Nana L, to Canadian cookies and homefries from the snack bar.  It was a lazy, lazy morning and it was wonderful!

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The Monkey was in his element with the freedom of vacation.  He was running around with his bike helmet on and his swimmie ready to take on any activity that may present itself.

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I kind of liked having him all shielded and protected in what he was wearing, especially since the day before he opened the trailer door and fell out, banging himself on the stairs pretty good on his way down.

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He wasn’t seriously hurt but it did leave his face bruised and swollen on the left side.  So for me, a helmet was a good thing and I fully encouraged him to wear it!  It allowed me to relax just that little bit more, knowing his head was ok!

Even Jack was in the vacation mood and enjoyed the morning sun light as he played right along side of the kids.  It was a good start to our much appreciated vacation!

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