Lost in a World of Fabrics…

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Just about every Friday the the Little Professor and the Princess spend the day with their Nana.  It gives me a break and they always have a blast going to the library to play chess, visiting playgrounds or watching the ducks and feeding the fish at the pond.  The princess hardly ever makes it home without drifting off on Nana’s couch while waiting for Daddy to pick them up and they are always both exhausted after an amazing day.


They look forward to their day with Nana and so do I.  It gives me a chance to catch up with all the things I’ve gotten behind in and sometimes I actually get out of the house with only one child, which is always a welcome change in the routine.  This past Friday was one of those days.  I spent most of the day getting caught up with work, but later in the afternoon I managed to make it out of the house.  The little Monkey and I made our way to the fabric store which is one of my favourite places.  All the colours of the fabrics lift my mood and set me on a journey of inspiration.


The long isles of multi-textured textiles muffles the sounds of the store, creating an insulated cocoon.  It’s so peaceful and it gives my busy mind a chance to breathe.

I’m one of those people who has to touch everything when I shop, as I’m sure most women are, so it takes me a while to make my way through a fabric store.  I especially take my time in the Minkie collection – so soft.  Daddy and our two older children do not appreciate this quality about me however the Milk Monkey was more than happy to be my partner in crime.  He studied all the material, tasted a spool of thread and happily flirted with all the ladies in the store.  He was in his glory!

My reason for the trip to the store, aside from the pure enjoyment of it, was to get some fabric to make the Princess a quilt.  Her birthday is rapidly approaching.  She turns 5 years old this May and my little Milk Monkey turns one, 11 days later.   As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, toys are just not high on our list for gifts, we already have more than our house can contain.  I decided it would be nice to sew a quilt for my little girl who has everything.  Recently, I have started to gravitate toward quilting – all the super cool mummy’s are doing it these days!  I decided this was the hobby for me, along with all my other hobbies of course.

This will be the second one I make.  The first quilt I made was a Christmas gift for the Milk Monkey, a little rag quilt in the shape of a turtle.  It was a big hit with him, he loves to play on it.  It turned out far better than I had expected, especially for my first try.


The quilt for the princess will be the traditional kind.  I’m excited to get started.  Even more exciting is that I plan on using a sewing machine passed down to my husband by his Grandmother.  It’s an old singer that apparently is sought after by quilters to use for machine quilting.  I just love how much sentimental value it will give the quilt knowing that it was made using the Princess’s Great Grandmothers sewing machine.  It’ll be a gift that will be valued far beyond any cheaply made toy we could ever buy.  I might even add one of those “Made With Love” tags to it!

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