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We have a wedding coming up in the family!  My brother in law is getting married to a beautiful, wonderful woman this Saturday.  I’m very fond of my new sister-in-law-to-be…she’s very witty and fun.

The thing about weddings is that they bring family together… literally.  So tonight my husband’s Aunt and Uncle, who are visiting from the west coast, took it upon themselves to throw together a spaghetti dinner for everyone.  That’s quite a feat because there are a lot of people in my husband’s family.  He has four brothers, one of those brothers has 3 children like us, the other one has 7.   All together there were 25 mouths to feed and  quite of few of them belonged to teenagers.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about the evening was talking to some of my nephews and my beautiful niece.

Let me introduce you to a few of them:


I seriously almost didn’t recognize him when I saw him -it’s like he grew up over night.  He’s in high school now playing hockey…he’s trying out for the Varsity team.  He’s a hockey star!  He’s a good kid, with a good heart.  Every once in a while during the evening I’d look over to see him scooping up the Milk Monkey to keep him entertained.

I asked Jeremiah if there was something he wanted to say for this post…like maybe some wise words or a quote and this is what he gave me:

“It’s not about style; It’s about the results” – Bobby Orr

I should probably take this moment to tell you that my husband’s family is all about the hockey.

It was great to get caught up with Jeremiah and I was surprised to hear he’s been reading the blog!  He might just be my favourite nephew now!

Just kidding…kind of! lol


Our only niece on my husbands side!  She’s smart, beautiful, fun and one of the sweetest girls I know.  She’s always helping one child or another. She just started college this year and she’s doing amazing.

She’s going to be a teacher and I can’t think of a better person for such a challenging  and important job.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to spend as much time with her these days…she actually has a life!

I’m so proud of her!


Another hockey star!  In fact that’s how his arm ended up in a sling.  He separated his shoulder right before an important try out.  At the moment his hockey is on hold while his arm heals, but that hasn’t stopped him.  He has some impressive business idea’s.  He’s smart and I know he’s going to make something of himself.  I don’t doubt it for a second!  He’s the kind of guy who can take life’s lemons and turn them into lemonade and then sell it for some good cash if he wanted to!

Those are just three out of a lot of amazing nephews and nieces we have.

We’re so blessed to have them in our lives!

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