Daddy Says… Magic Kingdom

We spent the day in the Magic Kingdom today.  We went bright and early, and made it onto all the rides we were looking to get on to.  It was great because there were very few people there and we were able to get right onto just about everything we wanted very quickly!

The Princess and I took on Big Thunder Mountain first – She really loves the roller coasters!  Then we made our way through several others like Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

Even the Milk Monkey joined us on some rides, and he had a blast!  He loved all of the ones he was able to go on, but I think It’s A Small World was his favorite.  Though, Pirates was a close second.

We even took some time to meet a few of the kids’ favorite characters.

All in all, we had an amazing day.  A very tiring day, but definitely amazing.

Daddy Says… 8 States

We’ve completed leg 1 of our three day journey to Disney-World! We got up at 2am, locked up the house and drove off into the night.  The kids were pretty excited, but soon enough they went back to sleep.  Mummy & I were pretty excited too!

Partway through our drive, we decided to change our planned route.  It turns out that I-95 in New Jersey is a toll road, and as much as I don’t mind paying a toll to pay for the upkeep on a road, the $62 or so they were looking to charge was outrageous.  So, Mummy did a quick search on her iPhone for an alternate route, and she found one that was only 1/2 hour longer than our original route, so we took it!

I have to say, Mummy was pretty impressive today.  After working and organizing a lot of the last minute details and packing, she only managed to get about 2 hours of sleep before we left.  She then had to play navigator for our changed route, and also kept everyone happy with a steady stream of sandwiches, snacks & drinks!

Overall, the change of route was a great decision.  We went through a portion of Pennsylvania that was really nice.  A lot of farm country and small towns as we drove.  Over all, we hit 7 different states in just about 12 hours.  Massachusetts, Rhode island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland & Virginia.  It was a long drive, and by the end, we were all ready to make camp.

We pulled into the Americamps KOA, were escorted to our site and set up.  Once we we had the trailer all set, we all put on our swimsuits and went for a swim!  It was so nice to relax, cool off and have some fun in the pool after the long drive.  It was just what we needed!

Tomorrow we start leg 2 of the journey and will stop overnight in Georgia.  I can easily see us jumping in the pool once we set up there as well!

Daddy Says… Baby Dancer

The Milk Monkey really has his moments…

Some times, he’s a sweet little guy, with an easy attitude – others, he’s a screaming, chubby little ball of terror.

But one thing we’ve found, no matter what attitude you’re getting from him, just put on some music and you’ve got a cute little baby dancer on your hands.

He’ll dance to just about anything too.  The Wiggles, Thomas, a commercial with a catchy jingle.  He’s just so cute and he always makes us laugh when he starts dancing. It’s easy to forget that just seconds before he may have been screeching at the top of his lungs – but once the music starts – he’s a dance machine!

Daddy Says… The Party

As I mentioned previously,the Little Professor decided to have a sleepover birthday party in our camper with some of his friends.  Despite a rainy start to the day, his friends showed up in the afternoon and a good time was had by all.

They used the skewers (Not Weapons!) to roast some hotdogs & marshmallows over the fire, and there were several games of Tag of all sorts – Flashlight tag (in the day no less…), Freeze tag, and even Zombie tag.  The Zombie tag was an on the spot invented version where the person “it” was a zombie, shambling along to catch the other players.  Of course, each additional player caught was “infected” and became a zombie as well and joined in the hunt for the remaining players – until finally there was just a group of zombie kids stumbling around groaning.  Though unlike movie zombies, I think these ones just wanted to eat cake!


After an afternoon of running around playing, eating cake and having fun, we got the kids set up in the trailer with some popcorn and a movie before bed.  They really enjoyed the movie, and were laughing and goofing around the whole time.  It was great to see them all having so much fun.

Finally, it was bedtime – and after an hour or so of playing with their flashlights and talking quietly with each other – they all drifted off to sleep.

In the morning we had a pancake breakfast and before long, Parents started showing up to pick up the Professor’s friends.  Later, when we asked him if he had a good time, the Professor enthusiastically responded “Yeah – it was one of the best birthdays ever!”.

Something tells me we may be doing this again next year.

Daddy Says… Birthday!

This weekend we are celebrating the Little Professor’s seventh birthday!  He’s decided to have a sleepover with a few of his friends in our camper at a local campground.  As would be expected, he’s pretty excited at this point.  He and the Princess spent some time tonight setting up the loot bags, and of course – Mummy used it as an opportunity to teach.

The Professor is working on division in his math these days and Mummy realized pretty quickly that setting up the loot bags was a great opportunity to take an abstract math concept like division and use it to show some real world application.  With a bag full of Hershey Miniatures in front of him, he carefully calculated how many Krackel, Mr. Goodbar, Special Dark, and Milk Chocolate bars each bag would get.

He and the Princess were very careful to be sure every bag had an equal amount of chocolate, Shark Gummies, little personal flashlights & Hotdog/Marshmallow roasting skewers.  Of course, we made sure to tell them that the skewers are cooking utensils, and not to be used as swords!  I’m fairly sure that it won’t be the last time we say that this weekend.

"These are hotdog skewers - NOT weapons!"


Daddy Says… Old Friends

I just finished reading Stephen King’s book “The Wind Through the Keyhole” and I have to say, it was a really great read.  It’s one of his Dark Tower books, a series that I have been reading since I was a young teenager.  The series was published book by book over a span of 22 years and during that time, I came to know and love the characters.

Eddie Dean – the former heroin addict who saves The Gunslinger’s life in the second book, and eventually becomes a Gunslinger himself.

Susannah Dean – a woman merged of a split personality.

Jake Chambers – the boy The Gunslinger encounters in the first book, caught between life and death.

and of course – Roland Deschain – The last Gunslinger.

There are, of course many other important characters along the way, but the above four – along with a small furry animal named Oy – are the main characters of the series.  And in the 22 years it took me to read the books, they really became like friends.  So much so, that I dreaded reading the last of the books, knowing that their story would finally come to an end.

So, needless to say I was pretty excited to find out that “The Wind Through the Keyhole” was another Dark Tower book!  Another opportunity to spend some time with and share the adventures of my old friends in Mid-World.  And the book definitely did not disappoint.  I won’t go into details and spoil the story for any of you out there, but it takes place in between books four and five and it really is a great read.  Most of all, it was great to be able to pick up the book and rejoin my old friends on their road to the tower.

To Sai King, I say thankee – the ka-tet and I were truly well met on the road.

Daddy Says… Some Like It Hot

Some like it hot – I know I do!  To a point… Last week it was crazy hot around here.  In the high nineties, and very humid.  Hot, sticky, uncomfortable weather.  For the most part, I’m ok with that – as long as there is a bit of relief now and then.  It’s nice to get out of the heat and into a nice air conditioned room once in a while.  Especially when it’s time to sleep!

Unfortunately, during the height of the heat wave, the upstairs air conditioner gave up the ghost. Coincidentally, that was when Grandpa and Beth were visiting, so we couldn’t even sleep out in our air conditioned camper – because we had invited them to stay there instead of a hotel room!

Our comfy, air conditioned trailer!

We did some searching and made some calls, but we could not locate a single air conditioner that was powerful enough to cool the upstairs of our house.  Thankfully, the downstairs AC was still working, and our couch is a fairly comfortable pull out so we were able to come up with some sleeping arrangements that were reasonably comfortable for everyone.  The kids slept in the bunkhouse of the trailer, the Milk Monkey slept in his ‘Pack & Play” in the living room and Mummy and I slept on the couch.  The arrangements were not optimal, but at least no one had to sleep in a crazy hot, humid upstairs bedroom.

Now Grandpa and Beth have returned home to Canada, and even though the weather is starting to return to more tolerable temperatures, we find ourselves sleeping in the trailer to take advantage of the nice beds in the cool, air conditioned environment.  Admittedly, we could sleep upstairs at this point, but we just love the trailer – so the AC is a great excuse to spend some time in our favorite place.  That, plus Mummy prefers to sleep in freezing cold conditions… there have been nights when I’ve turned the AC down because it was just so cold!  I sometimes joke with her that we spend the entire winter freezing, just waiting for the warm weather, and here it is, but she still prefers to sleep in the freezing cold!

Well, some like it hot -and apparently some like it cold!  At least when they sleep…

Daddy says… Pegleg

Slap – Thunk – PLOK – Thunk     Slap – Thunk – PLOK – Thunk     Slap – Thunk – PLOK – Thunk

We’ve been hearing that pattern all evening.  Our little Milk Monkey has been crawling around in the trailer with a block in one hand and it makes a big PLOK sound every time it hits the floor.  We keep laughing, thinking it almost sounds as if he’s a little baby pirate with a pegleg crawling around. And of course with his big brother and big sister crawling around with him, he gets more and more excited and crawls around even faster, laughing and yelling – it’s so good to hear them all having fun together.

The little guy is getting to the age where his older siblings can actually play with him and include him in games of their own, which is really great to see.  The Professor & the Princess are pretty close in age – only a year and a half separate them – but the milk monkey is a late addition.  I’ve wondered what his place was going to be in their little group, but he seems to be doing just fine figuring it out on his own.

And tonight it included his making a   Slap – Thunk – PLOK – Thunk   noise as he crawls along with his pegleg.

Daddy Says… The Countdown

We’re all getting pretty excited, our Disney trip is only a month away!  We’ve been spending some time over the weekend planning our itinerary, making any additional dinner reservations and talking about what shows we want to see and what rides we want to go on.  It really does get us all psyched up to go!  It’s a lot of fun talking about our favorite rides and restaurants and brings back a lot of memories of our last trip.

This time, we’ll be driving our own camper down and staying in the Fort Wilderness Campground.  I have to say I really enjoy the Disney campground.  It’s such a relaxing place to return to after a hectic day of rides, characters, parades and other theme park fun.  By comparison, the campgrounds are very laid back, easy paced and relaxing.  They have a great pool, outdoor hot tub, and free movies every night on a big outdoor screen with a campfire. One of the best things about the campground however, is that at the end of the day, we’re staying in our own personal space, and not some hotel room that thousands of other people have slept in.


We all loved our last trip to Disney, and the closer we get to this one, the more excited we all are!