But Does It Work?

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Between Pinterest and Facebook I get so many tips on crafts, cleaning, DIY projects, cooking and healthy eating just to name a few.  They all sound very cool but I often wonder if they really work.  Lately I’ve been trying things out just to see what happens.  Some have work, some haven’t but either way, I thought it would be fun to share those results with you.

A while back I came across a tip to use Goo Gone on my stainless steel for a perfect shine.


With three sets of small fingers in the house, all my stainless steel appliances are constantly smudged.  If that wasn’t enough, I’m one of those people who tape things to the fridge all the time and as it turns out, stainless steel is not scotch tape friendly.

So this is what my fridge looked like…

gbg 7

 gbg 2

Note the thoroughly taped star charts that are on there!

It wasn’t just the tape either, there were stains that wouldn’t come off and I had tried all different types of polishes and home remedies.

I figured if the Goo Gone could clean my fridge, it could probably clean any stainless appliance out there.

So I took on the challenge!

First I soaked the spots with Goo Gone…

gbg 4

Then I rubbed it gently but firmly with an old, clean face cloth which I decided to use because it has texture but it’s soft.  I didn’t want to scratch the surface.

gbg 3

It took a bit of rubbing and some patience but within 30 mins the Goo Gone managed to do what no other polish or cleaner could do.  I gave it a little shine with a polishing pad.

gbg 5

gbg 6

I think the results are pretty impressive!

Thank you, to whoever thought this one up!  Now if I could just find a way to get the appliances to polish themselves!

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