8 Years…

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8y 1

The Little Professor turned 8 years old this past weekend and I still have trouble believing it it.

He’s growing up so fast and sometimes I feel if I blink too long he’ll be a grown man standing before me instead of my sweet, gentle little boy.

The Professor has always had a maturity and wisdom about him that exceeds his years.  He is curious about everything and is constantly striving to gain knowledge in a broad range of subjects – from human behavior, to deep sea marine life and even things like…how exactly does the power source Tony Stark created keep him alive.  His ability to comprehend the answers always amazes me.

At the same time my little guy has a very kind and gentleness about him.  He is always watching out for his little brother and sister.  He is quick to help other people and sometimes he doesn’t understand why everyone can’t just be nice to each other.

I don’t ever want him to lose that sweetness about him.  The world has enough tough and hard people in it…it needs people like my little Professor to balance it out.

Someone as wonderful as my little guy deserved an exceptional birthday and since he wanted to go camping we decided to take him somewhere really fun!

8y 4

We had been eyeing a campground in NH that has a big pirate ship water slide for a while, so the Professor invited his friend and we made our way to the campground.  It was great!  The pool was awesome and they had make your own sundaes and a huge playground.  The kids had a blast!

Sadly, I hurt my leg on the Saturday and couldn’t do much swimming for the rest of the trip but I enjoyed watching the kids play in the pool while relaxing and reading some magazines.

8y 2

The little Monkey even kept me company at times!  He was my mini-me!

8y 3

When we returned home, the Professor quietly approached me and hugged me for a bit and said “Thanks mum, that was the best birthday ever!”

I’m not sure how we’ll top that next year!

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