Avast! A Tale o’ Me Pen Pirate.

Ahoy, me Matey’s…lend me yer ear fer a tale of ole ‘bout me lad, t’ pen pirate.

He be going ‘round near and far making t’ marks on me beauty…


Arrr! An’ on me treasures.

Arrr!  T’ scurvy face me wakes up to ev’r morn.


Me lad ev’n be giv’n his Matey Woody t’ black spot!

I be sayin to me wee Hearty “Belay that mark’n me lad.  Me booty’s worth more than a Doubloon!

Ye be swabbing the treasure an’ ye be swabbing me beauty…

and ye be keeping  yer pen pirating ways far from here.

In days o’ yore, ye’d be kissing the gunner’s daughter fer yer mutinous ways. Arrrr!  I be a more forgivin’ lot!

*The title Pen Pirate was self proclaimed by The Little Professor when asked why he would draw on things… hence the pirate theme of the post.

Smiles of all sizes…

Near the end of last year the Little Professor lost his first tooth.  We cheered and celebrated!  The Tooth Fairy was good to him…she brought him $5, a toothbrush and a nice little personal note that smelled of peppermint and was full of glitter. This was such a big moment, we had all been waiting for weeks as he wiggled the little tooth and ate soft food, tenderly taking care of it.







He was so excited that he ended up dropping it on our carpet which made us realize, while on our hands and knees trying to find the tiny little tooth, our carpet is the colour of baby teeth.  We eventually found it!  The second tooth he lost a couple weeks later did not fair so well, that one was swallowed during the night.  The Little Professor took the news surprisingly well!




Meanwhile, in another mouth a little tooth was growing and moving up towards the surface of the gums.  With much drool and lots of gumming, it peaked through and made itself known during one of the Milk Monkey’s amazing smiles!  Once again, we all cheered and celebrated!


Since then the Milk Monkey has grown yet another tooth.  His smile is becoming unbearably adorable and our resistance is futile, we give in to all of his demands of snuggles and love!





I am so thankful that my children have healthy teeth, whether they be coming or going, to fill their beautiful smiles!

My children…my life…

It’s taken me a long time to start this blog, partly because of the wild, craziness I call my life, but mostly because I just wasn’t sure how to begin.  I’ve decided the best way is to introduce myself.


I’m 38 (wow, that seems so old when I write it out!), and married with 3 young children…


The Little Professor (age 6):  My first born, my kind heart, my little gentleman.  He paves the way for his younger siblings and forgives my errors in uncharted parenting. He is my sunshine!  He amazes me with his sponge like abilities for knowledge.  His goal: to be a marine biologist.



The Mighty Princess (age 4): So strong, so stubborn, so beautiful, she’s my wild child.  She adores her brother and often patiently lives in his shadow but when she emerges she shines.  She’s a natural born leader but will gladly follow if it leads to something good.  She’s opinionated, and her own little girl. She’s smart and she has never encountered a problem she couldn’t solve. Her smile is radiant and her love is honey, she’s my little princess.  Her goal: to be an obstetrician and to get our pet cat to love her.



The Milk Monkey (age 9 months): My baby, my hungry little guy.  My 9 and a half pound preemie and still growing fast! So calm and content and perfect.  I’m enjoying the journey as his personality blooms.  His goal: drink as much milk as he can.


My children are my life and I don’t just mean that in the whimsical way, I mean it in the literal way.  From morning to night and even to the next morning, I am with my children, loving them, feeding them, changing them, teaching them, hopefully inspiring them to be the best they can be.  In a week of 168 hours, I am usually within 20 feet of them for 160.  I love it, I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.  There are definitely times when my patience is tested, but even if my children went to a school or I went to an office, I would still have those challenging moments.


My children are my blessings from God and I thank Him every day for them!