Yard Sale…

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This past weekend we decided to have a last minute yard sale.  We’ve never had a yard sale before so it was a whole new thing for us and probably not something I’d ever do again.  Usually I just give anything I don’t need anymore away to someone who could use it.  Since most of the things we were getting rid of were baby items and everyone we know is past that stage or not there yet,  we just couldn’t seem to get rid of anything.  So we decided to try the yard sale.


It didn’t go as well as we had hoped.

We had tables of beautiful children’s clothes, all of them clean and in perfect condition, little bikes that were hardly used and other kids stuff but most people were looking for antiques and free stuff so they could resell it.  I was disappointed to see so many people with the attitude that we owed them because they were taking our “junk”, only it wasn’t junk, it was just things we didn’t need anymore.  Out of the vast amount of rude people we were exposed to this weekend, there were a few we were delighted to meet.

We met one woman with her three adorable children who ended up buying our Schwinn bike trailer. Our kids loved that thing but now with two older children, I can just put the Monkey in a bike seat.  I was so glad to see her buy it and even charged her less because I knew she’d use it!

Then there was a man who stopped by and bought a few things, but it was his company that made him memorable.  He was funny and friendly and had us laughing with all his stories about his travels, kids and grandchildren.

There were a few others who were nice, (one guy even paid us twice as much as we were charging because he felt like he was ripping us off), but definitely not enough to ever do another yard sale!

At the end of it all, with a yard full of stuff we will never use again, we decided to try selling it online.  That turned out to be much better!  Things were selling instantly!  So we managed to get rid of a lot more stuff that way, even if it took a little more work (I made Daddy meet up with everyone at the strip plaza that’s right next to the police station!)

Meanwhile…Nana J, was super kind to take the kids during all of this.  She took them to the park and played with them.

I’m still hearing about the bubbles they were blowing in the gazebo!

weekend 6  weekend 5

She then brought them home and pushed the Monkey on his swing where he fell fast asleep! (Doesn’t he look like a little tourist in that outfit?)

weekend 3  weekend 4

He was exhausted! We all were…it was a long, hot weekend and everyone had worked (or played so hard).

Everyone that is…except Jack.  He spent his time lounging in the sun!

weekend 2

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