Why we homeschool….

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Whenever we tell someone we home school, one of the first questions we get is “Why?”   They expect us to come up with one simple reason to a very well thought out decision.

The whole concept was new to us.  My husband and I were not homeschooled as children.  We didn’t know anyone who was homeschooled or anyone who homeschooled their children.  We were unaware of struggles that other parents had gone through to make homeschooling a right to parents.   We didn’t know where to start!

The idea of homeschooling started as a whisper inside me one day and I spoke it out loud to my husband.  We read all the information we could get our hands on. The more we thought and prayed about it the more we knew it was for us, even though the task was daunting.

So in the end it was not one reason that brought us to the decision but a long list of reasons… 


  • Learning positive and useful social interactions like relating to people of all ages and not just their immediate age.
  • Learning what is right and not what is politically acceptable.
  • Learning to be compassionate not judgmental.
  • Learning at their pace and not the pace of 30 other children.
  • Learning in their style that works for them.
  • Learning in a comfortable, safe environment.
  • Learning to take responsibility for their education.
  • Learning without the distraction of being “cool”, being bullied and the need to fit in.
  • Homeschooled children excel and are being sought out by Universities now, including Harvard.
  • Being able to take advantage of the many homeschooling programs available.
  • The idea of creating an education portfolio rather than just earning test scores.


Along with the reasons listed above, we knew that God should be in every part of our children’s lives, especially in their education.  He has called us and has given us the abilities to raise and teach our children and that is what we are doing.  It’s not always easy – my life is a balancing act but it’s helped me to trust God and allow his grace to work in me.  It’s exercised my patience, it’s developed my self control and it given me ample opportunity to practice kindness instead of frustration. 

It’s also developed in me a deep love and appreciation for my children.  I enjoy their company and I’m so grateful that I get to spend so much time with them and being able to watch them learn and grow is one of the most amazing blessings in my life. 

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