Weekend at Mummy’s

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Sometimes a Mummy just needs to get away for a bit and breath and that’s exactly what I did this weekend.  A couple other Mom’s and I went camping.  I realized just how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends.  Even though it rained, we were still able to sit outside under the awning and  relax in the glow of the hanging lights and some candles.

Today Daddy and the children came to help me close up the trailer and tow it back home.  I was greeted with big hugs and kisses, even my little Milk Monkey was saying “Mu-mmy, Mu-mmy” rather than his usual plea’s for Daddy.  He was snuggly in my arms and didn’t want me to let him go.  It felt good knowing I was missed so much and even though I had a fabulous time, I was so happy to be back with my family.

Back at home, the Milk Monkey decided it was time to stay vertical in his travels and he began walking.  Just like that!  I was so happy I didn’t miss it!  Daddy and I sat in the play area with our little cutie and had him walk back and forth between us, the whole time laughing at our obviously amazing little guy!  Even though we’ve experienced this twice before with the Little Professor and the Princess, it was just as awesome with our Milk Monkey.

Tonight we are fake camping once again.  The kids were a little bummed they didn’t get to go with me this weekend so we agreed to camp out in the trailer for the night.  The decision was met with cheers and lots of excitement as they gathered their chosen stuffies, along with their pillows and blankets and we all made our way out.  All three kids whispered and giggled in their bunkhouse as they were falling off to sleep and it warmed my heart listening as our little Milk Monkey was included in the fun.  He’s getting so big and he’s really finding his place with his siblings.  I love it!!

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