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We are watching The Muppets!  Daddy surprised the kids with the new movie.  Yes, it was a bribe for good behavior but I don’t think that’s wrong. All five of us are hanging out on the couch draped over each other.  The Princess has parked herself in my lap and I love it!   It’s the perfect end to a wonderful day.  The disaster that was previous day is a distant memory now and we are back in our family groove.

After tackling school and work with tenacity of 1000 ants, and getting much accomplished we headed outside for a treasure hunt.  With a list of items to hunt out and some bags, the kids enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather.


Being the super mummy that I am I had brought many copies of the list and extra bags to hand out to all the inquiring children.   Today I think I became just a little bit cooler -do they still say cooler?- in the eyes of the neighborhood kids!  Maybe it’s just in my head…ok, it’s definitely in my head, but I like it.

The rest of our day was pretty uneventful until now, as we sit on the couch enjoying the closeness of each other.  Soon we will get the kids in bed and mummy and daddy will have some romantic time together.  Ewwww!  Mushy kissy love!  That gets the kids going every time.

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