Time for the Toddler Bed…

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I can barely wrap my mind around the fact that my little baby is now in a big boy bed.  This weekend Daddy turned the Little Monkey’s crib into a toddler bed.  I was curious how it was going to look since we had bought one of those 3 in 1 crib, toddler bed and bed frame.  So far I’m not that impressed since the big transformation is just taking one side of the crib down, so who knows what the bed frame will look like.  I’m not sure how the monkey will feel sleeping in his crib when he’s sixteen!

Eventually I want to decorate the little guys room but for now it has more of an eclectic feel with all the hand me downs from his brother and sister.  The Monkey doesn’t seem to mind.  Whether it’s the pink and purple kitchen or the well used spider man chair, he’s thrilled with his new room.  His little tour of his room was filled with lots of giddy ooohs and aaahs!

It went something like this (translation by mummy):

New room 5

This is my new bed!

New room

This is my new chair!

New room 7

This is my new play kitchen!  

I haven’t been brain washed yet by what society deems as gender specific colours, so I don’t mind that it’s pink! (ok, maybe I took a little creative liberty translating this one)

New room 6

These are my new wooden food toys!

New room 2

This is me jumping really high on my well padded area rug! I’m really excited!

New room 3

This is me sleeping in my big boy bed.

New room 4

This is me being woken up by Mummy’s excessive picture taking!  I’m not impressed.

Good night!

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