This Is Where We Live

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This has been home for the past 16 months.  It’s a little unconventional, but then so are we, so it’s worked out just fine.  There have been times when it’s felt a little squishy inside but during those times we try to stay thankful for the roof over our head and being close together has really helped us bond as a family.  The rest of the time it’s been really cool to live in our trailer.  However, we are so excited that the time has come to start looking for our new home!  We can’t wait to have a pool in our back yard!

When we first made the decision to sell our old house it didn’t seem plausible, the housing market was not going so well and our house still needed a lot of work .  It’s easy to talk about change but getting things started can be complicated.  I realize now that big changes often starts with one small step in the right direction and a lot of trust in God.  While I couldn’t see the big picture, I knew I could get some boxes and start sorting through all our things.  So our first step was to slowly sell, throw out, donate, and pack everything we owned.  I started this back in November of 2014.  We didn’t sell our house for another 20 months but that small step started the process.  Big changes also take patience!  Copious amounts of patience!  

The patience paid off and now the kids are loving the Florida life! (I think I’ve mentioned how much we love it here!) How could they not with all the sunshine and swimming?  We now live so close to Disney World, one of our favourite places, that we can go whenever we want…which is quite often!  Sometimes I just can’t believe how blessed we are!

We do so many cool new things all the time that sometimes I wonder if someone pinched me, would I wake up from this dream? I hope not!



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