The Drive Down…

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After some much needed rest, relaxation and a wonderful trip to Florida, I am back.

Christmas was great and our New Year was spent driving south.

trip 1

We left at 4 am on New Years day – what a way to start 2014!

The kids were excited to be on our way even though they were tired and a little cold at first, but promises of warmer weather and some fun at Disney was well worth waking up so early.

We were originally suppose to leave the Friday, but with a big snow storm quickly on it’s way we had to get the trailer on the road.  We would never have been able to pull the trailer out with huge snow banks on either side of the road.  Not knowing how far south the storm would go we drove as far as we could that first day, spending many hours in the truck…

Trip 2

…but I was prepared.

I had 3 personalized trip bags filled with both fun and yummy goodies and it kept the kids busy.

The kids also had their kindles.

trip 5

trip 3

Thankfully there was plenty of time to sleep off the Goldfish hangover.

The kids are use to long drives, but this one was beyond long, however the destination kept us going.  Also, we needed to get far enough south so it was warm for us to sleep in the trailer overnight.  We stopped at a Flying J in South Carolina for the night.  It was our first time sleeping in the trailer in a parking lot and it went really well.  Flying J’s are amazing for RVer’s, they have special gas islands that make it easy to fill up which makes it easier than gassing up like this…

trip 4

It can be very stressful pulling into a gas station we don’t know and face the challenge of getting ourselves out again, so we stopped at as many Flying J’s as we could.

 trip 7

We were so happy to see the Florida sign…even if it wasn’t very sunny when we reached The Sunshine State.  We stopped at the Welcome station and enjoyed some delicious OJ which renewed us enough to make the rest of the trip to Cocoa Beach.  It was basically an uneventful drive and we were just happy to be starting our vacation.

trip 8

trip 9

trip 10

It’s like Adirondack chairs were made for this little cutie!

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