The Wiggles…

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When I started homeschooling the Little Professor I was concerned with all the wiggling and fidgeting that went along with it.  I would be explaining something to him and he just couldn’t sit still.  Even after reminding him repeatedly some little part of him had to be moving.

To me it made more sense to put that energy into his reading and writing.  I assumed that if he stayed still he’d be able to concentrate easier and when he couldn’t do it I began to wonder if he might have attention issues but the fact that he absorbed information like a sponge kept me from pursuing the issue.  He was doing so well in with his schooling that I figured it probably wasn’t a big issue.

Now that the Princess is starting to read and write and do addition she can’t seem to sit still either.  However, she can sit for long periods of time playing her DS without blinking an eye.

What I’ve come to realize is that the wiggling and fidgeting and moving around is how the little ones concentrate.  They’re like little engines that need to rev in order to really get going.  For me all the moving around is distracting but for the Princess it’s actually helping her focus.  I try not to stifle her little process too much but I do try to remind her to keep her bum on the seat, so the chair doesn’t tip and that is challenge enough.

The other thing I’ve realized is they grow out of it on their own.  Three years later, the Little Professor sits at his desk quietly and concentrates without all the moving and wiggling, as he does his school work.

I can’t help but wonder what it’s like for a teacher with a whole classroom of cute, little, wiggly children!

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