The Saga Begins…

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The other day The Little Professor was sitting at the kitchen table quietly drawing like he does many times every day.  He was singing a song to himself.  The Princess and the Milk Monkey were playing quietly by my feet as I was busy getting some work done at my desk, enjoying the closeness of my children.  It was a familiar scene in our house, one that makes my heart content.

Later that evening when Daddy arrived home he asked me if I had seen what the Professor was working on.

I had not and what he showed me made me smile.

For those who have no idea what he wrote, you can find it HERE.

He amazes me!

One thought on “The Saga Begins…

  1. Wow! That’s incredible! I can’t believe he memorized all those lyrics and then put them to paper at 6 years old….he is SO amazing! Great job, Little Professor!

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