The Gate Keeper…

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In our house the Gate Keeper is none other than Daddy.  This evening he spent some time buying and arranging baby gates around the living room.

I know what you’re thinking…we live a thrilling life!

The Milk Monkey has become very efficient in escaping his designated play areas.  He’s a regular Houdini…but not as tall.

He climbs up on the couch and scales the credenza, slowly lowering himself on the outside of his approved perimeter, allowing him to scoot up the stairs.

Of course this means I have to stop what I’m doing and chase after him…not a big deal if it was once or twice, but when he does it over and over again it can be time consuming.  Daddy decided it was time to try opening up his play area again giving him more space.  He went out this evening and purchased two baby gates from the local Target store.

I still have no idea how he can go into Target and come out with only the items on his list!  It’s an amazing talent I wish to possess!


With a little creativity Daddy managed to section off the whole living room, blocking off the kitchen and the stairs.

Tomorrow will be the big test! Hopefully all goes well and our chubby, little Milk Monkey is happy and safe in his new found freedom.

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