Happy Birthday Elijah

Yesterday was Elijah’s 12th birthday.  As I sit here trying to write something about it, the usual thoughts of how fast time has past or how big he is now, pass through my mind, but what really stands out is how mature he has become. This sweet, young man who is always willing to help where ever he can, who opens the car door for me every single time, who takes it upon himself to get his school work completed while helping his younger siblings with theirs, has grown up over the past few months in ways beyond his 12 years.  We are tremendously proud of him.

Birthdays are a big deal in our family, we like to celebrate how important each person is to our family and the blessing that they are.  This year, Elijah’s birthday was very quiet, with a pancake breakfast, steak and poutine for dinner, and a family movie.

I was (pleasantly) surprised when he chose poutine for dinner, it’s not something we normally eat, who doesn’t enjoy french fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy? Elijah made the poutine gravy from scratch (it was delicious!), and we found the cheese curds at Publix.  They weren’t as squeaky as we would have liked but they worked. The fries were just oven baked fries.  The options were limited in the trailer but like the curds they worked out ok.

We let each child choose how they want to celebrate their birthday and this year Elijah chose to spend his birthday celebration with a friend at Disney in lieu of gifts. He also wanted to camp at Fort Wilderness with his Nana and Uncle Tim.  So while his actual birthday was quiet, there’s still plenty of fun and celebrating to do.

On a completely different topic, we have found a house and are under contract.  We have the inspection coming up.  We’re very excited to begin our life in our new home!