Six Years….

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6 bday

There’s a story my little Princess likes me to tell her.  It’s the story of how she came to be part of our family.  She’ll climb on my lap and wrap her little arms around me and start me off, or sometimes I’ll be the one to reach for her.  It starts off with how I wanted a little girl but everyone in Daddy’s family told me it was impossible.  There are a lot of people in Daddy’s family but only one girl born per generation and the most recent generation already had a girl.

babies 3

This is usually where the Princess chimes in “…but you really wanted a little girl” and I give her a hug and say “so very much”!  I go on to tell her that I prayed and prayed and reminded God that he gives us the desires of our hearts….and that a little girl was definitely my desire.  We usually laugh a lot during the story…especially at the part of the ultrasound, when we found out we were having the Princess.  That’s also the part where I usually start to tear up too.  She likes to hear about who was at the hospital and how everyone thought she was beautiful.

6 yrs old


This story is always more popular this time of year because of her birthday.  I still find it hard to believe it’s been six years now since my beautiful  sweet, little girl joined our family.  Six wonderfully blessed years!  During those years she has brought a smile to my face at least 2190 times.  I know this because there is not one single day that has gone by when I haven’t smiled at least once because of her. My little Princess is special.  She has a beautiful heart and a gentleness about her that lights the world through her eyes.

6 bday2

Sometimes it takes my little Princess a little longer to get a thought out but she usually has something profound to say.  She can also be really silly and she has a wonderful sense humour.  When she tells a story, she does it with passion and every picture she draws has a tale.  When she dresses herself she chooses things she loves and not necessarily what matches. She loves pink and purple and shiny, glittery things.  She also loves dirt and bugs and every kind of animal she can possibly think of.  She is full of questions, idea’s, thoughts and suggestions.  She plays hard and she’s very wise.  She’s emotional and strong.

6 bday 3

She’s an amazing little daughter, a loving sister and a friend to anyone who will have her.  My life is better having the Princess in it.  I’m am so thankful to have been chosen to be her mother!  Happy Birthday my beautiful, amazing, precious little girl!!!  I love you so much!

6 bday 4

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