Plymouth Escapes of Reality

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When life starts getting too stressful I like to pack up some water and some sweaters and pile everyone into the car and take off to Plymouth.  There’s something about that place that de-stresses me.  The closer we get, the lighter my shoulders feel and the easier I breathe.  I don’t know if it’s the ocean air or maybe it’s being around tourists that makes me feel like I’m on a mini vacation but I find it restful and renewing.

So one Saturday, last September, after some wonderful and much needed Mummy time, I announced to the family that we were off to explore new parks down in Plymouth.  With lots of cheers we were on our way.  Finding new parks for the kids to try out is something we like to do.  We’ve been to Plymouth many times but we never found this little gem until that special weekend. The children enjoyed it immensely and so did Mummy and Daddy as we watched the boats sway in the ocean while the warm salty air kissed our skin.

We had some new found friends following us around!  The sign at the entrance read “Do Not Feed the Ducks!” but I think people must feed them anyway by the boldness of our feathered friends.


The kids played and played…they didn’t want to leave and who could blame them…the evening was magical in that calm, relaxing park.



That day I was thankful that we had grabbed a bite to eat right before we found the park. In fact it was “the really nice lady” (the Little Professor) from Ali’s Galley who steered us to it.  If you are ever in Plymouth and you want a really good roast beef sandwhich you HAVE to try Ali’s Galley!  The Sweet and Sassy is amazing!

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