Home Again…

Sadly, we arrived home yesterday morning.  The atmosphere in the truck was as cloudy and damp as the weather outside.

With every wonderful adventure comes an equally, adverse reaction to going home.

We are all waiting with anticipation for the day when home is where ever we have the trailer set up and we are all together.

summer 18

Last Friday morning, I sat down with my coffee and turned on my computer, only to be greeted with a dark, blank screen, but today I finally have my lifeline to the world back up and running!  I have a lot to catch up on!

Here’s a quick recap of our past week…

The Sunday before last, we left Wompatuck and made our way south to Shady Acres in Carver.  I was really happy to have my own shower back and our full 30 Amps!  The kids were excited about the playground, pool and their friends they hadn’t seen since Mother’s Day weekend.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of swimming to be had since it was so cold and rainy most days.  Even on the sunny days the pool was frigid, and body numbing but they didn’t let that stop them.

Summer Summer 4

summer 2 Summer 3

The Little Monkey broke out in hives again, something that hasn’t happened since last fall but we think we’ve figured it out!  It seems to be related to Mosquitoes.  He had one bite him on the cheek and soon after his whole face was covered in hives.  He must be really sensitive to them.  It was sad to see his little face looking like that again, but at least we have an idea now as to what causes it.

summer 14 summer 17

One of the events at the campground was a chili cook off!  I spent Friday evening cooking up a chili to submit and ended up coming in third place.  The kids had so much fun trying all the different types and took their votes seriously (the Professor didn’t even vote for me!).

It was all great fun!  The Professor really enjoyed the corn too!  As did Jack when the Monkey passed his on…

summer 15

He chewed on that cob all evening and even went back to it the next morning.  He’s really enjoying being a camping dog…though he still has some things he needs to work out.

Summer 10

It didn’t take him long to realize that wasn’t the best place to hang out in.

Sunday was Father’s Day and we wanted to make it really special for Daddy.  He does so much for all of us, he deserved to have a nice day!

We managed to buy him a Kindle Fire without him even knowing.  It’s nice to be able to surprise him…it doesn’t happen very often.

summer 16

Even though he still gives me butterflies in my stomach….

summer 13

this is why I really love him!

He is an amazing father to our children.

He has endless patience and is kind and loving!  He’s always willing to play with them and really enjoys spending time with them.

I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful Daddy for our little ones!

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Say Hello to My Little Friend…

camp 9


We had a few of these teeny, tiny, little frogs out on the carpet in front of the trailer the other day.

They were smaller than a penny!  How did they get so small?!

The reminded me of the ones from Disney.

The kids were really impressed with them…but I think Daddy was most impressed!

I can see why, they’re so cute and tiny.

Still…I prefer to admire my tiny amphibians from afar, so I didn’t actually go out and look at them.

It’s the tiny ones you can’t trust…especially when they’re cute!


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Roughing it…

We’ve been camping for a week now…it’s been wonderful, even if it’s rained a lot.

Something we don’t mind since we’re not in a tent.

The kids have had fun watching movies, reading books, playing with blocks and wii during the particularly rainy times.

camp 3

On the nicer days we went for walks, enjoying the fresh air.

camp 5

The kids were on the hunt for the perfect walking stick.  Even the Monkey wanted one and would use it along side of his stroller.

They weren’t the only ones who were attracted to the sticks.

camp 2

Jack found himself a stick and walked around with it everywhere like he was smoking a cigar.

Daddy kept doing Edward G. Robinson voice overs for him.  It definitely suits him!

As much as I enjoyed our time at Wompatuck, I’m so glad to be at a campground with full hook ups now.

I have definitely become accustom to the RV.  Even with 2 ovens, 2 fridges and 3 stove tops it still feels like roughing it when we don’t have 30amp and and have to rely solely on our tank capacities.

I was so happy to have a nice hot shower in my own bathroom when we got here and the kids were pretty excited to have the playground and pool.

With all our appliances we’ve managed to have some really nice meals.  The Little Professor has been cooking up a storm for us!

camp 10

The other night we had homemade soup and freshly baked bread.


He even did the dishes for us that night with a little help with from his sister.

It involved a lot of eye rolling at first, but they did a great job.

camp 4

It’s been wonderful getting away for while.  We all seem to thrive a little bit more when we’re on the road.  The closer quarters presents the perfect atmosphere for spending good, quality time together and we all really enjoy it!

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Yard Sale…

This past weekend we decided to have a last minute yard sale.  We’ve never had a yard sale before so it was a whole new thing for us and probably not something I’d ever do again.  Usually I just give anything I don’t need anymore away to someone who could use it.  Since most of the things we were getting rid of were baby items and everyone we know is past that stage or not there yet,  we just couldn’t seem to get rid of anything.  So we decided to try the yard sale.


It didn’t go as well as we had hoped.

We had tables of beautiful children’s clothes, all of them clean and in perfect condition, little bikes that were hardly used and other kids stuff but most people were looking for antiques and free stuff so they could resell it.  I was disappointed to see so many people with the attitude that we owed them because they were taking our “junk”, only it wasn’t junk, it was just things we didn’t need anymore.  Out of the vast amount of rude people we were exposed to this weekend, there were a few we were delighted to meet.

We met one woman with her three adorable children who ended up buying our Schwinn bike trailer. Our kids loved that thing but now with two older children, I can just put the Monkey in a bike seat.  I was so glad to see her buy it and even charged her less because I knew she’d use it!

Then there was a man who stopped by and bought a few things, but it was his company that made him memorable.  He was funny and friendly and had us laughing with all his stories about his travels, kids and grandchildren.

There were a few others who were nice, (one guy even paid us twice as much as we were charging because he felt like he was ripping us off), but definitely not enough to ever do another yard sale!

At the end of it all, with a yard full of stuff we will never use again, we decided to try selling it online.  That turned out to be much better!  Things were selling instantly!  So we managed to get rid of a lot more stuff that way, even if it took a little more work (I made Daddy meet up with everyone at the strip plaza that’s right next to the police station!)

Meanwhile…Nana J, was super kind to take the kids during all of this.  She took them to the park and played with them.

I’m still hearing about the bubbles they were blowing in the gazebo!

weekend 6  weekend 5

She then brought them home and pushed the Monkey on his swing where he fell fast asleep! (Doesn’t he look like a little tourist in that outfit?)

weekend 3  weekend 4

He was exhausted! We all were…it was a long, hot weekend and everyone had worked (or played so hard).

Everyone that is…except Jack.  He spent his time lounging in the sun!

weekend 2

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Flashcards on a Ring…


A while back I did a post about making flashcards.  You can find it here.

But what do you do with all the flashcards once they’re made?

Great question!  I’m so glad you asked.

If you are like us, you have more flashcards than you know what to do with.  Ours were piling up fast with every new PACE and spelling list.

When they started spilling over and the dog ran off with one (yes, the dog literally ate the homework) I knew it was time to get our flashcards organized.

fc 2

I bought an index card file for about $10 and filed the flashcards in alphabetical order.  That way when I need a word, I know exactly where to look.

That works great for storing the flashcards but what about when you need to populate the latest spelling list, what do you then?


I bought these little index cards on a ring – 3 for approx. $7.

The ring opens up and I removed all the index cards that came on it.

fc 3

I used one of those cards to mark the hole on my flashcards.

fc 7

I punched a hole on the marked spot on all the flashcards with a single hole punch.

fc 6

Then I just went through and picked out the words I needed….

fc 5

and put them on the ring.

When we are done with those words, I can refile them for the next child and add new words to the ring.

fc 4

The flashcards are kept together while in use and they won’t get damaged!

You can find the little index cards on a ring from Staples.

I’m going to go back and buy some for our math flashcards next!

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Happy Birthday Little Monkey…



Tonight we celebrated the little Monkey’s birthday with an intimate party.

There was pizza and cake and lots of presents!

party 2

We sang Happy Birthday twice.  The Monkey was so into it the first time that we just had to do it again!

party 7 party 6

One of the benefits to being the birthday boy is you get to taste test the icing…a couple times.

We got the approval and everyone enjoyed a slice.

party 3 party 5

After cake, there were gifts!  Lots of gifts! The little Monkey was a very blessed boy.

party 4

Halfway through the opening of his gifts the little Monkey stopped, looked me in the eyes and said “poop”.

Daddy asked if he wanted to try using the potty and the little Monkey agreed, so Daddy took him.

To all of our surprise he went!

To me the thought of diapers fading out is so wonderful!

To the Monkey, it wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as all his new gifts!

It was a fun evening.  I love celebrating my children’s birthdays.  I wish every day could be one of their birthdays!

Happy Birthday my little guy!

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Two Years Already…

   2 bday 3

We have the honor of celebrating another very important birthday!

Our little Monkey turns 2!

He has been really excited about his fast approaching birthday.  Every now and then I hear him singing parts of Happy Birthday to himself in his sweet little voice.  He is fully aware of what a birthday involves having just celebrated his big sister’s birthday a little over a week ago and he’s more than ready to have one of his own.

When asked what he wanted for his birthday dinner he declared “Cake!”.

I wouldn’t be honest if I said this past year was a breeze.  It was full of challenges for all of us, and my little Monkey stretched my patience almost to the point of snapping but what I’ve come to learn about my little guy is this…

He is sweet!  So very, very sweet!

2 bday 7

And when he looks up at me, with his gorgeous little smile I melt.  Even if he just accidently (or purposely) knocked me in the head with a light saber, when he turns and smiles and says “Th-orry mummy”, I’m as good as ice cream on a hot summer day.

2 bday 2

He is strong, and stubborn and when he doesn’t want to do something he will fight to get his own way.  He would rather have a time out then to give  in!  As he grows up, I pray he holds on to his convictions with the same strength!  I’m confident he will.

2 bday

My sweet, baby boy loves to sing and read and play with his brother and sister and he loves his new puppy Jack.  He has carved himself out a spot in our family where he fits perfectly!

He absolutely adores his father…

2 bday 10

and mummy’s not so bad either.

2 bday 6

Especially when she kisses his little feet.  He loves to have his feet kissed and Mummy is more than willing to comply!

2 bday 9

The little Monkey enjoys being tickled, but only to an extent, then it just makes him grumpy.  He loves to eat, especially his snacks!

He is very smart!  He is always on the look out for shapes, especially for octagons and hexagons and he likes to call out their colours.

He enjoys camping, face painting and anything that involves going outside – and more than all those things…

he loves his Eeyore-y.

2 bday 11

They’re inseparable!

I love my little Monkey dearly!  I love him more every day.  He has taught me a lot in his short little life and he’s made all our lives a lot more interesting.  He completes our family with his funny and quirky, little personality.  I look forward to gaining insights to my little puzzle of a boy as his vocabulary grows over then next little while!

Most of all, I’m just so thankful to be his mummy!  I’m so thankful to have his cuddles and to receive his smiles!  I’m so thankful to be able to share dinosaur hugs day after day!  I’m so in love with my little guy and I’m thankful to have a lifetime with him in it!

Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet boy!

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The Lost Tooth Club…

lost tooth


Last night the Tooth Fairy visited our house yet again, but it was far from her usual routine visit.

What was so special you ask?

This visit was to collect a tooth from the Princess.

The loss of her first tooth is bitter sweet like so many other mile stones reached – a reminder that my little girl is growing up.

She’s blossoming into a beautiful, intelligent, well adjusted girl and I’m just so proud of her!

lost tooth 3

When I woke up yesterday, the Princess can running into my room to show me she lost her tooth.  She went into great detail about how she pulled it out once it was really wiggly.  Apparently there was a little blood involved, but she told me not to worry…it was just a tiny bit.

lost tooth 2

We put the tooth into the Tooth Pillow that Nanny bought for them long before anyone had a loose a tooth.  The Princess has been looking forward to her time with the pillow.

This morning was met with even more excitement than the previous!

My little Princess was so excited to find the toothbrush, toothpaste, note and $5 bill that the Tooth Fairy had left her.

The note smelled like mint and had glitter on it just like the one her brother received a couple years back!

I quickly reminded her that $5 is only for the first tooth, all other teeth are only worth $1.

She was fine with that.

She was just so happy to be part of the Lost Tooth Club that I think she’d give away her teeth for free.

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun…

gd 2

Saturday the Princess and two of her friends went for breakfast to celebrate her birthday.  The three of them had so much fun giggling while eating their breakfast.

gd8  gd 3  gb 8

After we made our way over to Snip Its for a little pampering.  The girls had manicures, up do’s and make up.  They even had their hair glittered.

gd5 gd4

They enjoyed the all the beautifying – the Princess had so much fun with her little friends.

gd 7 gd6

Up until this point the Princess has had big birthday parties, so I wasn’t sure how she’d feel when her small celebration was over.  I didn’t want her to feel like she was missing out, but as it turned out, she had more fun with just two friends!  She was able to do something special and spend some quality time with both of them.  The other bonus to a small gathering was that I was actually able to just watch her enjoy herself rather than spend my time running around like a mad woman entertaining everyone.

It was so nice to see them having so much fun!


The girls went home with cupcakes and loot bags filled with girly things like lip gloss, nail polish and other little treasures.

My little Princess was so happy with her day!

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