Daddy Says… Birthday!

This weekend we are celebrating the Little Professor’s seventh birthday!  He’s decided to have a sleepover with a few of his friends in our camper at a local campground.  As would be expected, he’s pretty excited at this point.  He and the Princess spent some time tonight setting up the loot bags, and of course – Mummy used it as an opportunity to teach.

The Professor is working on division in his math these days and Mummy realized pretty quickly that setting up the loot bags was a great opportunity to take an abstract math concept like division and use it to show some real world application.  With a bag full of Hershey Miniatures in front of him, he carefully calculated how many Krackel, Mr. Goodbar, Special Dark, and Milk Chocolate bars each bag would get.

He and the Princess were very careful to be sure every bag had an equal amount of chocolate, Shark Gummies, little personal flashlights & Hotdog/Marshmallow roasting skewers.  Of course, we made sure to tell them that the skewers are cooking utensils, and not to be used as swords!  I’m fairly sure that it won’t be the last time we say that this weekend.

"These are hotdog skewers - NOT weapons!"


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Inch by Inch by Inch…..

Lately…every day my little Princess asks me to measure her.  It’s not just once either.  She gets me to do it a couple times throughout the day.

She is desperate to grow another inch and a half!

It’s all about the Disney rides these days and their height restrictions.

The little Princess is measuring 42.5 inches, which is great because most of the “good” rides have a height restriction of 40 inches.

This is where we high five each other!

So, in that respect things are going pretty good for her, but then there’s the really cool rides like Space Mountain and Expedition Everest.  For those she needs to be 44 inches – another inch and a half!

We”ve tried stretching her, eating  self proclaimed, growth inducing foods like carrots and hummus and trying on various items that might help with the height issue.

We have discovered that when she wears her running shoes and a baseball cap she gains almost a whole inch.

This is exciting!  This means she has only another half inch to go!

With the countdown at 2 weeks it doesn’t give her much time to get there.


The Little Professor is riding high with his height of 48 inches!

Not only can he get on the “good” rides and the “really cool” rides but he can also ride the “super awesome” rides like the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.  However because he is at 48 inches exact he can also go in all the kiddie sections at the water park.

He has the best of both worlds on this trip!

Their excitement is infectious and I’m in awe that my tiny, little children want to go on such big thrill rides.

I have to admit I’m a little more hesitant about letting them but I’m also super excited have new little ride partners.

They’re growing up so fast I can hardly keep up!

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Daddy Says… Old Friends

I just finished reading Stephen King’s book “The Wind Through the Keyhole” and I have to say, it was a really great read.  It’s one of his Dark Tower books, a series that I have been reading since I was a young teenager.  The series was published book by book over a span of 22 years and during that time, I came to know and love the characters.

Eddie Dean – the former heroin addict who saves The Gunslinger’s life in the second book, and eventually becomes a Gunslinger himself.

Susannah Dean – a woman merged of a split personality.

Jake Chambers – the boy The Gunslinger encounters in the first book, caught between life and death.

and of course – Roland Deschain – The last Gunslinger.

There are, of course many other important characters along the way, but the above four – along with a small furry animal named Oy – are the main characters of the series.  And in the 22 years it took me to read the books, they really became like friends.  So much so, that I dreaded reading the last of the books, knowing that their story would finally come to an end.

So, needless to say I was pretty excited to find out that “The Wind Through the Keyhole” was another Dark Tower book!  Another opportunity to spend some time with and share the adventures of my old friends in Mid-World.  And the book definitely did not disappoint.  I won’t go into details and spoil the story for any of you out there, but it takes place in between books four and five and it really is a great read.  Most of all, it was great to be able to pick up the book and rejoin my old friends on their road to the tower.

To Sai King, I say thankee – the ka-tet and I were truly well met on the road.

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Big Mickey is Watching…

Every once in a while I have a moment of pure genius!  This weekend I had one of those moments in the middle of an ongoing argument between the Princess and the Professor.

They had been after each other all day, both very snippy with fingers pointing out each others faults.  After many unsuccessful attempts to try and get them to treat each other lovingly and with respect I blurted out “Children who behave naughty are not allowed into Disney”.

The little Princess stopped immediately but the Professor challenged the idea.

“How do they know if we’ve been naughty? Will you tell on us?”

Tattling is frowned upon in our house, so much so, that it’s one of our big rules.  Obviously I couldn’t “tattle” on them to Disney.  I had to quickly come up with a plan and as I searched the kitchen for inspiration my eyes landed on a recent piece of mail we just received from the Disney Magical Express.   The icon has Mickey on it with a set of wings.

Of course Mickey would send a Disney Cam to monitor kids behaviors!

Without missing a beat, I picked up the opened envelope and started looking around the room. Unfortunately we have not been able to pin point exactly where the DC has been hovering, but every once in a while someone (mostly mummy or daddy) detects movement out of the corner of our eye.

Don’t judge me!  

It’s all innocent fun and it’s helped change the climate in the house this weekend, that is until the Princess became overtired at which point only sleep fixes her challenging mood.

My reasoning: Santa has his Elf on the Shelf…Mickey has the Disney Cam.

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Daddy Says… Some Like It Hot

Some like it hot – I know I do!  To a point… Last week it was crazy hot around here.  In the high nineties, and very humid.  Hot, sticky, uncomfortable weather.  For the most part, I’m ok with that – as long as there is a bit of relief now and then.  It’s nice to get out of the heat and into a nice air conditioned room once in a while.  Especially when it’s time to sleep!

Unfortunately, during the height of the heat wave, the upstairs air conditioner gave up the ghost. Coincidentally, that was when Grandpa and Beth were visiting, so we couldn’t even sleep out in our air conditioned camper – because we had invited them to stay there instead of a hotel room!

Our comfy, air conditioned trailer!

We did some searching and made some calls, but we could not locate a single air conditioner that was powerful enough to cool the upstairs of our house.  Thankfully, the downstairs AC was still working, and our couch is a fairly comfortable pull out so we were able to come up with some sleeping arrangements that were reasonably comfortable for everyone.  The kids slept in the bunkhouse of the trailer, the Milk Monkey slept in his ‘Pack & Play” in the living room and Mummy and I slept on the couch.  The arrangements were not optimal, but at least no one had to sleep in a crazy hot, humid upstairs bedroom.

Now Grandpa and Beth have returned home to Canada, and even though the weather is starting to return to more tolerable temperatures, we find ourselves sleeping in the trailer to take advantage of the nice beds in the cool, air conditioned environment.  Admittedly, we could sleep upstairs at this point, but we just love the trailer – so the AC is a great excuse to spend some time in our favorite place.  That, plus Mummy prefers to sleep in freezing cold conditions… there have been nights when I’ve turned the AC down because it was just so cold!  I sometimes joke with her that we spend the entire winter freezing, just waiting for the warm weather, and here it is, but she still prefers to sleep in the freezing cold!

Well, some like it hot -and apparently some like it cold!  At least when they sleep…

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A Short but Fun Visit…

We had a wonderful but very short visit with Grandpa and Beth this weekend.

We visited Boston.  The kids fished in the Canal outside of the children’s museum.

We had lunch at Dick’s Last Resort.  The wait staff spend the whole time being rude to the customers, making snide comments, throwing straws and fixing hats out of paper with insults on them.


And yes…that is root beer the Princess is drinking!


The Little Professor was not at all impressed or as he put it “It’s not my cup of tea!”

I have to agree with him.  It was a good laugh but I wouldn’t do it again.

Later the kids the relaxed in the Frog Pond in Boston Commons.

In fact there was a lot of swimming that took place with Grandpa and Beth….

when we brought them with us to one of the yearly bbq’s we attend.

It was such a hot weekend, so the water felt so good and refreshing while we spent hours goofing off in the pool.



We all had so much fun.  It was sad to see Grandpa and Beth leave today.  The Professor watched teary eyed as they drove out of view and said “They haven’t even left our road yet and I miss them so much already”.

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Our Home and Native Land…

Today Grandpa (my dad) and Beth (Grandpa’s girlfriend) arrived!  The kids woke up early and kept asking me over and over again “When will Grandpa be here?”, even though we knew they were arriving around 12:30pm.  When they pulled up to the house, the kids went crazy jumping  and running around.  They were so happy too see their Grandpa.  We don’t get to see him very often because he lives in Canada, so a visit is always super exciting for us!  We love it when Grandpa comes to visit!

One of the side benefits of having Grandpa visit is that he comes bearing gifts.  He restocks my Canadian treats stash…my naughty stash!  

My fridge and cupboards are now filled with May Wests, Smarties, Shreddies and Coffee Crisps!  We have Gravol for our long trip to Disney in case someones tummy becomes ill.  There will be Dare cookies to go with the English Breakfast Tea from the English Shoppe and Cheez Whiz that is tangy in taste and not bland.

Oh Canada…my home and native land….

Not only does Grandpa bring gifts from himself but he also delivers care packages from other family members like my mum and my nanny.  It ends up being a very nice sized collection of Canadian goodies!  It’s not all for me, some of it is for the kids and some of it I have to share with my darling hubby.

The things I do for love.

Even though it seems like a lot, everything will be carefully rationed out in order to make it stretch for the next 6 months to a year.  Since we don’t have a set date for our next trip to Canada it’ll be even more cherished with restricted consumption.  Not knowing when we’ll get to stock up again makes each item more valuable.

Part of having the stash is just plain ol’ nostalgia.  Just knowing I have access to Canadian treats fights off the homesickness that tries to sneak in even after the past 8 years.  It takes comfort food to a whole new level!

So thank you Dad, thank you Nanny and thank you Mum!  To everyone else it may look like a big pile of junk food, but to me it’s a piece of Canada – my home.

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Daddy says… Pegleg

Slap – Thunk – PLOK – Thunk     Slap – Thunk – PLOK – Thunk     Slap – Thunk – PLOK – Thunk

We’ve been hearing that pattern all evening.  Our little Milk Monkey has been crawling around in the trailer with a block in one hand and it makes a big PLOK sound every time it hits the floor.  We keep laughing, thinking it almost sounds as if he’s a little baby pirate with a pegleg crawling around. And of course with his big brother and big sister crawling around with him, he gets more and more excited and crawls around even faster, laughing and yelling – it’s so good to hear them all having fun together.

The little guy is getting to the age where his older siblings can actually play with him and include him in games of their own, which is really great to see.  The Professor & the Princess are pretty close in age – only a year and a half separate them – but the milk monkey is a late addition.  I’ve wondered what his place was going to be in their little group, but he seems to be doing just fine figuring it out on his own.

And tonight it included his making a   Slap – Thunk – PLOK – Thunk   noise as he crawls along with his pegleg.

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Weekend at Mummy’s

Sometimes a Mummy just needs to get away for a bit and breath and that’s exactly what I did this weekend.  A couple other Mom’s and I went camping.  I realized just how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends.  Even though it rained, we were still able to sit outside under the awning and  relax in the glow of the hanging lights and some candles.

Today Daddy and the children came to help me close up the trailer and tow it back home.  I was greeted with big hugs and kisses, even my little Milk Monkey was saying “Mu-mmy, Mu-mmy” rather than his usual plea’s for Daddy.  He was snuggly in my arms and didn’t want me to let him go.  It felt good knowing I was missed so much and even though I had a fabulous time, I was so happy to be back with my family.

Back at home, the Milk Monkey decided it was time to stay vertical in his travels and he began walking.  Just like that!  I was so happy I didn’t miss it!  Daddy and I sat in the play area with our little cutie and had him walk back and forth between us, the whole time laughing at our obviously amazing little guy!  Even though we’ve experienced this twice before with the Little Professor and the Princess, it was just as awesome with our Milk Monkey.

Tonight we are fake camping once again.  The kids were a little bummed they didn’t get to go with me this weekend so we agreed to camp out in the trailer for the night.  The decision was met with cheers and lots of excitement as they gathered their chosen stuffies, along with their pillows and blankets and we all made our way out.  All three kids whispered and giggled in their bunkhouse as they were falling off to sleep and it warmed my heart listening as our little Milk Monkey was included in the fun.  He’s getting so big and he’s really finding his place with his siblings.  I love it!!

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