Once, Twice, Three Times a Baby….

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I love being a mummy and sometimes the realization of that amazes me.  When Daddy and I first met we were both very adamant about not having children.  The idea of living out our life with very little responsibility was just too appealing.  We were both pleasantly selfish with our time and didn’t feel the need to add the stress of kids to our lives.  However, life had a different plan for us and we soon found ourselves with a very big surprise – a 10 lbs, 8oz surprise, thank you very much!  


Once we found out we were expecting we both instantly fell in love with the baby growing in my tummy.  We bought all the baby books and started researching online.  We even bought one of those pregnancy belly belts.  You know, the kind that have little speakers in them and come with a microphone.  We would hook it up to my stomach every night and Daddy would read books to our sweet little one or sometimes just talk to him and sing songs.  It was very exciting!  We started making plans for the baby who would become our Little Professor.  We would raise him to fit into our life so things wouldn’t have to change.  How hard could one baby be?  He’d learn to sleep anywhere and on our schedule and he’d be really well behaved so we could bring him to restaurants late at night.  We could still travel because he’d be an only child and how much stuff does one child need?  Right?  Right??!!

Wrong!  Things changed drastically!  We were tired all the time, and it took us forever just to get out the door and honestly, we just didn’t want to go out as much.  We wanted to stay in and play with our darling little boy.  His giggle was infectious and every new thing he learned was amazing.  We loved being a family!  We loved it so much we started thinking about having another child and I found myself pregnant by the Little Professor’s first birthday.  We realized we had a talent for parenting, we were so good at it and really, how hard could one more child be?  Seriously!?

I wanted a daughter.  I wanted a little girl really bad, but was told that my husband’s family only have one girl per generation, and she had already been born – she was the only girl out of 11 grandchildren.  Still, I wanted a little girl and I prayed and prayed.  When we went for the ultrasound and found out we were having a girl I just cried and when she was born it was overwhelming!  She was so beautiful, so precious – a tiny 9 lbs 14oz bundle of perfection.  When we brought her home our Little Professor fell in love with his little sister immediately – he was angry at us for days.  The two of them became best buddies from the start and still are.  Sometimes I think they’re twins.  They play together so well and I often find them snuggled up to each other in one or the others bed.

The Little Princess spent the first year of her life crying.  We had to hold her constantly, even during the night.  Then all of a sudden she just stopped and she became the most pleasant little girl and has been ever since – of course she still has her moods now and then, after all she is a girl.  She’s definitely Mummy’s girl and I love that!  We snuggle a lot and chit chat like girls do.  I love that we have a really good relationship at such an early age and hope it continues on this path.

Having two kids was definitely much more work than one…at least for the first two years.  There were days when I thought I might be going crazy.  There were times when I actually had to step outside and sit on the front porch to keep from having a melt down.  Sometimes I melted down and I’d call Daddy and yell out my frustrations to him while he patiently listened.  All my stress would come flying out in my desperate pleas for help and I would be able to muster enough strength to continue on with the day.  Eventually as the kids got a little older, and my patience grew a little more, we found our groove and parenting became easy again.  Once again Daddy and I tossed around the idea of having another child.  The decision to have a third was a big one.  We were in a good place as a family and we weren’t sure about changing the dynamics again.  In the end we decided we wanted to add another child to our family and we are so glad that we decided to do it.

The Milk Monkey is an amazing little guy!  He has been the easiest addition to our family out of all three kids.  He’s so content and easy going. He’s a lot of fun to have around.  His brother and sister adore him and he thinks they are amazing!  Sometimes I’ll look over to see all three of my wonderful children playing together and I’ll just stop what I’m doing and watch them.

It makes me so happy to see them together and I know they are what life is all about.  In the end it’s not the money, or the stuff or even a career that I’ll think back on…it’s my children and the love they have brought to my life.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even have a fourth!


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  1. Very cute, and I was there at the hospital for all three of the births! Not in the OR though – the hospital wouldn’t let me 🙁

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