Normandy Farms – Part 2

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We slept well that night, for the most part.  The Milk Monkey woke up a couple times and wasn’t sure about his surroundings.  He eventually made his way into our bed as he usually does.  It made for a very nice view when I woke up…those little chubby cheeks and the toothy grin with the scrunched up nose are so hard to resist.  Too hard actually, I usually just end up kissing them up which evokes an abundance of laughs and giggles.

It had rained during the night and left the air chilly and damp.  Daddy turned the furnace on in the trailer so we were definitely not in a rush to go outside.  At one point, I had all three kids in bed with me, snuggling and laughing and telling funny jokes while Daddy made us coffee with the Keurig – I know, tough life roughing it in the wild!

Eventually we all made our way out; first Daddy and the kids to make pancakes and then eventually I joined them.  After breakfast we put our bathing suits on under our clothes and made our way to the indoor pool.  Yes, that’s right, this campground has an indoor pool!

The pool area was really nice.  There was a section that had a lot of tables set out with umbrellas so it gave the feeling of being outdoors.  The tiles had a flagstone look to them and I’m pretty sure they were heated.  There were two whirlpools off to the side too.  Everything was very clean, even the showers in the change rooms.  The only negative was the pool water…it was a little foggy.  It wasn’t terrible but I’m super picky about pool water, after all, I have three little ones.  I know what they do, I don’t care what any parent says!  In defense of the campground, the pool was very popular and there were a lot of kids in it over the course of the two days.  I mostly hung out in one of the whirlpools swapping Mummy stories with a fellow camper.

After swimming we checked out the “big” playground and I have to admit it was very impressive as far as playgrounds go.  The kids had a blast  playing while I took some pictures.


We spent the rest of our time exploring all the ins and outs of what the campground had to offer which turned out to be a lot!  The recreation building, where the indoor pool was also had an adults loft for 18 yrs and older, but directly across from it was the children’s loft.  Both lofts were stocked with books and games and had cozy chairs and couches.  The adults loft provided a large screen tv next to a huge fireplace.

There was an arcade room, for those who enjoy it and a bike park, which I thought was a very unique idea.  The campground also provides an off leash dog park for their furry visitors.  If you didn’t feel like cooking there was an outdoor restaurant for the warmer seasons that serves breakfast lunch and dinner.  Anything from omelets, to sandwiches, burgers and even steak tips.  I couldn’t tell you if it’s any good, since it was still closed for the winter months.

There were softball diamonds, volleyball nets, basket ball and of course horse shoes.  Normandy Farms also has 3 outdoor swimming pools in the summer.  There was a little store in the registration building and laundry facilities at all the restrooms throughout the campground.

Of course all of this comes at a price.  Sites range from $41 – $79, depending on the types of hook ups and the season.  That’s just for two adults, every child over the age of three is $5 more.  Considering all the services provided, their rates seem to be fair.  Still, if you have a large family and you’re looking for a vacation that’s easy on the wallet, this place is probably not the way to go.  However, if a place like this suits your fancy, we were told through the camper’s grapevine that it books up really fast!  Dropping in last minute is not recommended in the summer season.  We enjoyed it enough to book another weekend for Daddy’s 40th birthday in two weeks!

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