No Summer For You!

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Exciting news flash!! The Little Professor is just a few weeks away from finishing Grade 2.  He’s been a busy little bee working hard in all his subjects.  We’ve all been cheering him on as he posts his stars to the chart that records his progress.  He’s super excited for his week break before continuing on with Grade 3.

I can practically hear the gasps coming through the computer!

What a task master HonestlyMummy is!  Doesn’t the Little Professor and the Princess get the summer off for vacation?”  

The answer to that is a firm and confident “no”.  In our house we have chosen to Year Round Educate.  When I tell people this I get a lot of disapproving looks and a few “well meaning” comments about over working my children.  Thankfully, the Professor has never been within ear shot or he’d be right there agreeing, hoping for some sympathy.  He never misses a chance to complain about his grueling work load and yet, his next sentence is usually about how easy his school is.  Six year old boys can be so fickle.

He has no idea what it’s like to wake up early for school, spend the whole day in a classroom, only to return with homework.  That’s not to say he doesn’t work hard, but while most other children are still sitting at a desk in the afternoons, my darling and sometimes dramatic son is packing up, finished for the day.  In the mornings, when he is doing school work, it’s usually at the kitchen table in the sunlight, or in the warmer seasons, out on the back patio under the shade of the tented gazebo.  One of these days he’ll be taking his school work on the road, sitting outside the trailer at the campgrounds.  Hardly, the picture of an overworked, stressed out child.

Homeschooling all year round is like having our cake and eating it too. (Mmm…cake!)  How is that, you ask?  Well, here are a couple reasons why we Year Round Educate…

  • We never have to review things we learned the year before – we never actually stop learning new things.
  • We can take more frequent breaks throughout the year in order to refresh and rejuvenate
  • We can get school finished in the mornings and have the afternoons for fun projects, crafts or just free play.
  • We can go on a lot of field trips.
  • We can go to popular places for vacation when it’s not busy and it’s less expensive – Disney in September anyone?
  • We do not shop for school supplies during the mad rush in August.
Year round education works well for our family.  We find it suits homeschooling well and gives us more flexibility with our schedules. It has been a great decision for our family.




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