Mother’s Weekend…

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It’s that time of year again where mothers around the world are shown how much they are loved through random acts of love.

For some it’s breakfast in bed, or little works of art lovingly created with gobs of glue and copious amounts of glitter, or little home made coupon books filled with free hugs and kisses.

Whatever the way it’s celebrated,

one day is just not enough for me, which is why we decided to do a Mother’s Weekend this year.

A camping Mother’s Weekend of course!

MD 2

A weekend filled with fun digging in the dirt, playing at the playground and lots and lots of face painting.


A weekend of reading books, singing songs and lots and lots of snuggling.

MD 3

I love being able to use the Mother’s Day card all weekend…

I say things like “No arguing…it’s Mother’s Weekend!”

Or…”Come here and give me hug…it’s Mother’s Weekend!”

The kids love it also.

They say things like, we have another surprise for you and hand me dandelion.

Or they run up behind me and give me a big hug and kiss and say “It’s because it’s Mother’s Day and we love you!”

So yes, Mother’s Day is too short.

It should be Mother’s Weekend because it’s just too wonderful of a holiday to be just one day.

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