Monkey Lungs…

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As strange as it seems, we are dealing with the same medical issues with the Monkey as we were last year at this time.

Once again, he has the same never ending cold/allergies that he had last year and once again he his chest X-rays show pneumonia.  This seems too coincidental to me and thankfully his pediatrician thinks so too.  What is even more suspicious is that his follow up chest X-ray, taken two weeks later, shows suspected pneumonia too.   The Monkey’s doctor decided it was time to consult another specialist (last year it was the allergist).  He gave us the number to Children’s Hospital Pulmonary, and told us to ask to see a specific doctor.  He also mentioned that we probably wouldn’t get an appointment with that doctor because he’s the best in the field and is probably booked up for at least 6 months out, but it was worth a try.  If that wasn’t discouraging enough he also said there was a good chance we wouldn’t even get an appointment with Children’s Hospital within the next 8 weeks.  He said if that’s the case to call him back and he’d try or send us somewhere else.

I was really frustrated to be referred to “the best” only to  be told it’s probably not going to happen.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, we were given this information after hours so we had to patiently wait until morning to find anything out.  I decided to not get upset or stressed out and just left it with God.  My thinking was that He would work it all out.

This morning Big D called to make an appointment and after called me with the great news.  Not only did we get an appointment with the Children’s Hospital but we got it with the doctor we wanted in 4 weeks and at a satellite office not far from home.  Once again God far exceeded my expectations!

I’m very hopeful that this doctor will be able to tell us what’s going on.   I would really like to see my little guy feeling better!  Maybe it is a complete coincidence or maybe they’re just reading the X-ray wrong – I don’t know, but I know whatever it is I know God has our back and will see us through this.

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