Milestones and Mishaps

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We had a wonderful weekend on our camping trip back at Normandy Farms.  Friday we celebrated Daddy’s 40th birthday in camping style with a roaring campfire, a steak dinner and squares of our favourite carrot cake from Konditor Meister.  Having a whole cake would have been much too tempting to have around!!!  

As we were relaxing by the fire a young park ranger pulled up.  At first we were concerned our fire was roaring just a little too much! Instead the obviously embarrassed ranger awkwardly stumbled over with a bouquet of balloons and a birthday greeting for Daddy.  We were surprised since the Little Professor had only mentioned Daddy’s 40th in passing, while we were buying ketchup at the camp store the day before.  They had taken note of it and sent the balloons!

It was a wonderful way to celebrate a 40th birthday, however the weekend was not without incidences.

Mishap #1 – The Princess decided it would be fun to stick a rubber band down the heating vent, which happens to be screwed on.  With the very low temperatures during the night we knew we’d be cranking the heat and weren’t particularly fond of the thought of burnt rubber smell wafting through the trailer.  It made us realize we need to put together a small tool kit to bring with us and thus the list of “Things We Need for the Trailer” began.  As it turned out Daddy had a Swiss Army Tool of sorts and it had the screw driver head that was needed.  Thank goodness for the small things that just happen to come in handy when you least expect it!  Daddy and the Princess worked together to remove the heating vent cover and retrieve the rubber band, only to watch the Milk Monkey baby puke into it later on in the day!  Ewww!  Another smell we wanted to avoid heating!  Don’t worry I won’t show you a picture of that!!


Mishap #2 – Saturday morning we woke up to find that something had gotten into our garbage. You’d think we would have known that leaving the garbage out overnight is just asking for a critter to come rummage through it.  I am absolutely convinced that if we had been camping in a tent we would never have made such a rookie mistake.  Being in the trailer has given us a sense of safety from all animals and the thought of ridding our site from any food, even the tossed kind didn’t even occur to us.  I’m not sure what our excuse was for leaving it out the following night also! <- Not proud of that moment at all!

Mishap #3 –  Of all the little things that went wrong, nothing compared to what we were greeted with Sunday morning.  The thought of it brought to reality that we are so very blessed to have God’s protection.  Each night we brought everything close to the trailer to keep under the awning in case of rain.  We ended up leaning a chair against something that has to do with the heater – I’m still not exactly sure what it is, but I think it might be where the pilot light is for the propane furnace.  It looks like this…


and it did this to the chair….



Thank goodness that’s all it did!  We definitely won’t be leaning anything else against that in the future!

Aside from all the various mishaps, we had a blast!  Another amazing weekend to remember for a long, long time!!




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