Let it Begin….

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It’s that time of year again when proud parents from all over sign their little ones up for spring soccer and we are no different.   This will be the 4th season of soccer for the Little Professor and he can hardly contain his excitement.  When he first started playing he liked to look up at the sky and watch the clouds or tangle himself up in the net of the goal post, like a little fish struggling for freedom.  As the seasons past he started getting better and paying attention more.  He tries harder now and he spends time practicing his running so he can be faster.


The thing that I love about soccer and the Little Professor is that when the uniform is on, it’s like he’s playing the World Cup.  He plays hard, he hydrates hard, he sit’s on his ball watching from the sidelines…well, hard and he enjoys every minute of it.   He may not be the best 6 year old player out there but he sure knows how to act the part!

The Little Professor loves playing soccer, he looks forward to it every spring and fall.

The Princess on the other hand…not so much!

Oh, she was definitely one of the cutest, little players in her tiny little uniform with the socks that reached her shorts and little piggy tails swinging while she ran.  She tried to hang out with the older girls and they really couldn’t resist her while they waited for their practice to start.

For the princess soccer was all rainbows and butterflies until it actually started and someone took the ball away from her.   That’s when the  pouting began.  She would sit by the goal posts or on the side lines ignoring the coaches requests while we unsuccessfully tried reasoning, bribing,  and threatening her to get back on the field.

To the Princess soccer is about other kids being mean and taking away her ball.  Why can’t everyone just get along and play with their own ball?!

With every practice and game we were met with the same fight of getting her dressed and to the field.  It would have been so easy to give in and not go, but we repeatedly explained that she signed up for a season and she will complete it, however once it was over she never had to play soccer again.  Daddy and I would rather find her something she loved to do than force her to play soccer.

 So to my surprise and not without a little weariness I was met with an indignant statement of “I want to play soccer too!”, after hearing that her older brother is playing again this season.  Along with…”We’ll pay it with Daddy’s money…ok?!”.

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