Lawn Mowers and Flat Tires…

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My husband is brilliant!

He actually fixed the lawn mower!  I’m just so thrilled and impressed with his ability to research something and fix just about anything he wants!  I’ve yet to see him go up against something he couldn’t do!  It’s one of the qualities I adore about him!

I’m his cheerleader and he is my hero!

Now we just have to wait until a decent hour to get the lawn mowed!

Earlier this evening Daddy didn’t arrive home when he was expected…in fact he was really late.  He doesn’t have a cell phone so we didn’t have any way to contact him and find out if everything was ok.

At some point the Little Professor started to get concerned and he climbed into my lap with tears in his eyes.

He said “I think Daddy’s been in an accident.”

I was shocked that my little guy had such serious concerns about his father’s well being.  I held him tight and reassured him that everything was fine and thankfully Daddy pulled up a few minutes later.  He had a flat tire on his way home and no way to let us know, but he was alright!

I’ve hugged him a lot more tonight.

The Little Professor made me a bit emotional.

I love my wonderful husband so much and never want to live life without him!

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