Just another busy week…

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We’ve had a busy week.

Here’s a recap…

The Milk Monkey is now standing on his own.  It’s fun to watch his little expressions as he does it!

He’s not quite sure about it.

My princess loves soccer this year and played surprisingly well this week.

I enjoyed watching her as she played hard, and I particularly got a kick out of her calling water breaks.

I love her so much!!


My Not So Little Professor has been busy growing!

He’s getting so big, I’m not quite sure where the time has gone.

I still think of him as just a baby and then I see pictures like this…

And I wonder how he grew to be so big and handsome so fast!

I love him so much!!

I’m super proud of him…he’s an amazing little…er, big guy!

Speaking of handsome guys…I’ve noticed the Milk Monkey’s hair has been rather slicked back and kind of crusty.

It’s also started to smell like saliva…an unmistakable scent that always turns my stomach!

I found myself asking the question…

“Who’s been spitting on the baby’s head?”

It was the Princess, she was styling his hair. Yuck!!!

As for me…

I spent every free moment sewing, trying to make progress on my Princess’s quilt.

She knows I’m sewing something for her birthday – she’s convinced it’s clothes for her American Girl doll.

It’s not, so now I’m feeling the pressure to get the quilt done with enough time

to sew her some doll clothes.

However, the biggest moment was when we taught the Milk Monkey how to brush his four tiny, baby teeth.

I love that little baby!!



Oh, and Daddy has been up to something very exciting!

He has spent the week working on the honestlymummy website.

Hopefully soon we’ll have some exciting new changes coming up!

He’s never created a website before so he’s learning as he goes and he’s pretty amazing at stuff like that.

I adore my husband!!

Really, it’s been just another average week, but average these days are so much more exciting than they use to be.

I seriously really enjoy my life!

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