Homeschooling After Hours…

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On a good day, the kids are done with their home school work load around 11 am.  They start around 7 am.  Not all days are good days, some are a struggle and there’s a lot of day dreaming.  Lately there are fewer of them.  So the question I know you’re asking is, what do the kids do with the rest of their day?

I’m glad you asked….here’s a little look!

extra 10

They paint…

extra 12

and do other crafts.

extra 13

The learn about electricity with Snap Circuits…


and paleontology by digging up their own dinosaur bones.

lego 4 lego 6

They love to build with Lego’s!

extra 6 Dress Up 3

There’s a lot of dressing up…

extra 16

and napping, when their bodies tell them they need it

extra 7

and even some napping while dressed up.

extra 15 extra 14 mos

There’s a lot of traveling and camping…

im 4 ja visit

and field trips.

extra 9

They enjoy weekly outings with Nana…

extra 3

and home spa times with Mummy.

extra 11 extra 8 extra 4 extra 2

It doesn’t matter if it’s baking, writing stories, crafts or just plain silliness, my children get a lot of time for creative learning and playing.  They are enjoying their childhood and that makes me a happy Mummy!

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