Homemade Bath Finger Paints…

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The other day someone posted a picture on my Facebook page that had a recipe for bathtub finger paints.

It was the perfect thing to spice up our uneventful evening!

I gathered all the ingredients and the kids and got busy.


I had some egg cartons that I thought would work well as little containers.  I decided to mix up four colours for each child so they could all have a try.  It didn’t go so well at first..

The Official Recipe

1 tbsp of cornstarch

4-6 pumps of baby shampoo

2-3 drops of food colouring

1-2 teaspoons of water

fp 2 fp 3

Our recipe was more like:

1 tbsp of cornstarch in each egg cup

1 medium squirt of children’s shampoo

Realized it wasn’t going to work mixing it in the little egg cartons.

Dumped it all into a bowl, and added a really, really big squirt of shampoo,

then added some water until it seemed like a nice consistency.

fp 4

At that point I poured them into the little egg cups and let the kids choose their colours (I chose the Monkey’s).

We ended up putting way too much food colouring in.  We only had the gel type so drops were more like squirts.  It was still ok, even with all the dye it only left marks on the kids, not on the tub.

The paints were great!  Everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the little Monkey who was completely into it.

fp 5

  fp 6  fp 7

They didn’t look as fancy as the picture on Facebook, but they worked really well.  We will definitely do this often.  In fact, there was some of the pre-dyed mix left in the bowl so I left it out overnight to see what would happen.  I was surprised to see it stayed the same.  I’m going to look for some containers so that next time I can mix up a big batch and store them for quick and easy bath time fun!

The only downside to the paint was a very upset little guy who didn’t want the fun to end!

fp 8

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