Home Safe & Sound…

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We are finally home after a long day of driving.

It’s bittersweet!

It has it’s positives…unlimited running water, unlimited wifi and access to all the TV channels, but it’s not our trailer, it’s not our dream of life on the road.  This trip was definitely our longest trip in the trailer and the most consecutive time we’ve spent in it.

We have come to realize that we love, love, love life in the trailer.  We are much more relaxed as a family even with all the crazy issues we’ve encountered.  It’s a giant step out of the rat race, a whole other view on life – one that I could easily adopt.

For now, we are home and already planning our next trip.  We are also working towards our goal to be on the road full time.

Last night we stopped and spent the night at Darien Lake State Park – not to mistaken with Darien Lake Theme Park and Resort Campgrounds, however it is right down the road from that.   We pulled up to the front gate around 7:30 pm to find out everyone who works there had gone home.  There was a white board sign telling campers to find a site and just check back in the morning.  We were really impressed with how beautifully green and lush the park was.  All the sites were well maintained.  We found a great site with the help of an older couple who were camping in the park.  It was right next to the washrooms so that was an added bonus.  It took us about 10 minutes to set up in the pouring rain, but once we were all inside the trailer it felt like we had arrived home.

Miss Fancy was excited that we were able to find the channel that had a special on featuring her favourite singer – Miss Fancy made me smile as she sang along loudly to all the songs.  Our youngest two children played by my feet while I prepared dinner for everyone.  It was very cozy and relaxing, and stopping for the night helped break up a very long drive and we were able to get a great nights sleep!

The more we camp the more we realize all the things we need to have.  Important things like fuses in all the necessary sizes, extention cords in different lengths, some tools and even simple things like a toaster.  We will be stocking up on those things before our next big trip.

We are all counting the days until we are back on the road, even if it’s just to a local state park.  In the meantime I’m going to take a long, hot shower and not care about how much water I’m using and whether or not we’ll have to dump the tanks!

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