Happy Valentine’s Day…

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vday 7

Every Valentine’s Day we make a little surprise for the kids.  One year we trailed hearts all around the house for them to follow until the found their little present.  Another time we gave them a treasure hunt.  They had to answer riddles to get the clue for the next riddle and eventually found their surprise.

This year we made them a card that had a coded clue in it.  First they had to crack the code and then they had to figure out the clue the riddle provided.

vday 6 vday 5

As it turns out, the Little Professor had the same code in one of his school PACE’s so as soon as he figured out what it was, he looked up the key and solved his quickly.

I had made a key for them so I gave that one to the Princess.

vday 4

Once they figured out the riddle they immediately went to find their surprise…

vday 3 vday 2

We were told that this was the best Valentine’s yet!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope your day is filled with love and laughter!!

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