Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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The first time I heard anything about a St. Patrick’s Day boiled dinner was when I was pregnant with the Little Professor.  My mother in law made it every year, it was a tradition.  When my husband explained to me what it was, my pregnant stomach could barely handle it.  Of course, we ended up going…after all it was for St. Patrick’s day.

Am I ever glad we did!  It was delicious!  It’s been delicious every year since and not just because it’s a meal I didn’t have to cook.  The meat is so tender and the vegetables have so much flavour.  Now I look forward to it every year, as do the children, just like Daddy always has.  Both the Professor and the Princess cleaned their plates and had seconds.

My mother in law always makes a huge dinner so that everyone can have leftovers to take home.   We end chopping it up and making hash out of it, which ends up being even more delicious than the original dinner…if that’s even possible!

For dessert I made some carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Yummy!  I’ll post the recipe in the near future.



3 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day

    • You can find the secret at the bottom of this post -Be a cupcake Hero – . I use a frosting tip and it takes me about 5 minutes to do 18 -24 cupcakes. It’s super easy!

  1. Mmmm… You made that look good even though they aren’t my favorites! Maybe I should give them another try for my Irish husband 🙂

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