Happy Fourth of July…

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 Today almost turned out to be devastating for our children but instead ended up being a fun and exhausting day!

We were getting ready to go to some children’s races put on by the neighbourhood my husband grew up in when the Princess and the Professor got into a little power war.  It ended with the Princess throwing the front door open giving Jack the chance to zip past her and out into the street.  It probably wouldn’t have been such a traumatic event at that point except for the movie Frankenweenie, which we had just watched the day before.  Daddy and the Professor took off after Jack while I tried to console the Princess and get her to calm down enough so we could help.  The Princess, Monkey and I managed to make it outside in time to see Jack running at hyper speed right in front of a car!

Not the best timing, for sure!

j4 11

Thankfully, our neighbour who was driving the car had his window open and thankfully heard the Professor yell out to him to stop and thankfully Jack picked up his pace in his super, spastastic form and missed the wheels just in time.

Eventually, with Daddy, the Professor and the Princess diving for the puppy, a couple neighbours trying to corner him and the Monkey and I trying to lure him in with sweet, encouraging words, Jack ran up to a couple ladies who were doing their daily walk….and they nabbed him!

We brought him back home and loved him for a bit, then set off to the races.

Sadly, I managed to forget the good camera in all the excitement and had to rely on my phone to get pictures.  I apologize in advance for the blurry and unfocused pictures.

j4 7

The little Monkey was so cute running his races and ended up coming in third twice.  It helped that there were only 3 kids running in those two races!

j4 9

He was a natural at the potato sack race!

j4 8

He and the Professor were great partners for the wheelbarrow race…until the Monkey collapsed and his big brother dragged him by the feet to the finish line.

j4 10

The Princess was super fast but didn’t have anyone to race against since there weren’t any girls in her age group.  She didn’t let that stop her, she ran the races anyway and even gave it her best effort!

j4 2

The Princess was happy to get a trophy!

j4 3

The Monkey preferred to steal his…

j4 4j4 5

and the Professor was so proud of himself for winning his trophy.  He gave the potato sack his whole effort and won first place.

J4 6


After there was face painting, and hot dogs and hoodsie ice creams.  I was really impressed by the whole event!

Later we went down the street for a BBQ with family and the kids swam all day.

It was definitely a day for them to remember!

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