Happy Birthday Little Monkey…

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Tonight we celebrated the little Monkey’s birthday with an intimate party.

There was pizza and cake and lots of presents!

party 2

We sang Happy Birthday twice.  The Monkey was so into it the first time that we just had to do it again!

party 7 party 6

One of the benefits to being the birthday boy is you get to taste test the icing…a couple times.

We got the approval and everyone enjoyed a slice.

party 3 party 5

After cake, there were gifts!  Lots of gifts! The little Monkey was a very blessed boy.

party 4

Halfway through the opening of his gifts the little Monkey stopped, looked me in the eyes and said “poop”.

Daddy asked if he wanted to try using the potty and the little Monkey agreed, so Daddy took him.

To all of our surprise he went!

To me the thought of diapers fading out is so wonderful!

To the Monkey, it wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as all his new gifts!

It was a fun evening.  I love celebrating my children’s birthdays.  I wish every day could be one of their birthdays!

Happy Birthday my little guy!

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